Alumni Dispatch: Raisa Ancheta

September 3, 2019

Raisa Ancheta

We asked CoBE alumni to tell us what they’re up to and how they’re using what they learned in the College of Business and Economics.

Raisa Ancheta (formerly Raisa Evora) earned her BBA from CoBE and started as a Senior Accountant at a brokerage firm in the Bay Area. That would be a great story in itself, although not unusual. But then she completed a second Bachelor's degree in Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 2018 with a 4.0 (Summa Cum Laude). How did that happen? Raisa explains,

“I was fortunate to work in one of the greatest work environments as a senior accountant. However, I found myself constantly reading science textbooks on my commute to work. I, unfortunately, had to leave my job in the Bay Area when my husband was deployed and stationed in Wisconsin. I took advantage of my new freedom during this time of transition to pursue a passion for science that I had developed. Furthermore, I realized that I could not only have tremendous fun working in a field that I love, but I also had the advantage of understanding the management/accounting/marketing related aspects of business which is an integral part of the health care system.”

We talk about lifelong learning a lot, and this is one of the best examples we’ve ever seen; a CoBE alum so curious and driven by the desire for knowledge, that she excelled at both business and life science.

Raisa is a military spouse of 5 years. She and her husband have three children. They currently live in Wisconsin, but will be relocating to San Diego in December. She is currently applying to medical school.

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