College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai


CoBE Finance Finance deals with making decisions about resource allocation under uncertain conditions. Essentially, finance is concerned with the management of money. Finance uses economic theories to price assets based on risk level and expected rate of return. This subject of significant importance for all areas of society and business. As a result, if you study finance you will be prepared for a broad range of finance careers, within many types of organizations.

Why Study Finance

Chart going in the up and right direction Finance degrees usually cover a combination of technical and theoretical knowledge, including the basic finance skills you will need to enter finance careers. You will learn how wealth is measured and also how finance influences and shapes the way companies behave. Economics and statistics are also covered, since they are crucial to the understanding of finance. Other important finance topics which will probably be taught include accounting, mathematical methods, macro and microeconomics and information technology.

What can I do with a finance degree?

Described below are some careers a Finance degree will prepare you for:

  • Accountant
  • Advisory Servicing
  • Commercial Banker
  • Credit Analysis & Management
  • Economist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Finance Analyst
  • Financial Consultant
  • Financial Manager
  • Investor
  • Loan Officer
  • Personal Finance Advisor
  • Programmer
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Sales & Trading
  • Treasurer

Degree Requirements

Finance - B.B.A.:

The Business Administration Program at UH Hilo offers a concentration in three areas: Finance, Management and Marketing. During the first two years of study, students are expected to fulfill the General Education Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree. In the third and fourth years of the program, students complete the Management Core Requirements and selected Management Electives along with several general course electives.

Degree requirements for a B.B.A. in Finance

CoBE Students are required to complete all General courses, Pre Business Core Requirements, and Professional Business Core Requirements prior to graduating. In addition to these requirements is the Finance Concentration listed below:

Finance Concentration (18 credits)

  • FIN 321 Invest & Secur Analysis (3)
  • FIN 322 Corporate Finance (3)
  • FIN Elective
  • FIN Elective
  • ACC, BUS, FIN, MGT, MKT, QBA, TOUR Elective

Finance - Certificate

The College of Business and Economics also offers a Finance Certificate for those who may be interested in this area of concentration.