College of Natural and Health Sciences

Face-to-Face Instruction at CNHS

Students in GEOL 111 Lab sketch geologic features, within walking distance of campus.

Marine Science students stay 6 feet apart as they listen to Professor Marta DeMaintenon explain procedures for the day's Lab, before they step inside to examine and classify seaweed.

Nursing students work on safety restraints for patients during their lab session; nursing is the one area in which the 6-foot distance cannot be followed, but all other safety measures are strictly enforced.

Outside the Geology building, a trio of TCBES students carefully maintain proper spacing, as they work on a project using a compass.

Tropical Plant Biology student Ryan, and Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science student Tai, keep proper social distance while discussing classes.

A Nursing student practices deploying a safety restraint, for a student in a wheelchair who is posing as a patient.

Two students take notes about petridish specimens in the Microbiology lab.

Recent Geology graduate Lil Desmither (now with HVO) uses the Geology facilities to analyze tephra from the 2018 Fissure 8 eruption.

AI summer course participants at social distance

Custodians across campus are keeping UH Hilo clean and safe; here, Katie & Kaiden talk about which buildings need more gloves delivered.




"Sadie Nguyen, CARES student worker, disinfects light switches, door handles, and other high-contact surfaces in the Geology Lab."

Professor Becky Ostertag shows Chad Banda the Biology 280 homework assignment.






Marine Science students stay 6 feet apart as they listen to Professor Marta DeMaintenon explain procedures for the day's Lab, before they step inside to examine and classify seaweed.


All the Labs are disinfected prior to each session


Geology major Will Wooten installs a new battery in a research vehicle, which will be used for collecting data on volcanic gas emissions from Kilauea.

Biology students line up behind marked tape on the sidewalk, and listen to safety instructions from the professor before entering the Lab.

Instructor Lisa Parr prepares sediment sieves for a Marine Science Lab to be held outdoors, with students analyzing the grain size of beach sand.

Biology Lab insstructor Davon Vicente explains detailed procedures to the students in microbiology lab.

Three Geology students (Adrian, Sinarlee and Evangeline) study rocks in the lab, while maintaining proper social distance.

Groundskeepers BJ & Russel review a work order that involves moving furniture, in the Wentworth science building.

Geology instructor Cheryl Gansecki leads an Intro field trip to the dry river bed behind the dorms; the students will make sketches of geologic features, and in this image, are  learning how cement plating the riverbed will prevent erosion where the river bends; rocks embedded in the cement will produce eddies to slow down the flow.