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How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Over the Phone

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Every time the phone rings, your business is on the line. When customers call, how do your people come across? Are they friendly? Empathetic? In control? Willing to help — even if it means going out of their way? This informational course will give you tips and techniques to give your customers exceptional telephone customer service.

Learn specific telephone communication skills

  • A 5-step approach to gaining a caller’s confidence...taking control of the situation... and moving to constructive solutions
  • Words and phrases that can work wonders to repair damaged customer relations
  • How you yourself may be creating unhappy customers—identifying and ending 10 “trigger behaviors”
  • When it’s OK to defend, explain or justify— and when it’s not
  • 4 listening skills to help you tune into your caller’s real needs

How to tame “tough customers” over the phone
Learn the skills and insights you need to read— and respond to—the kind of problem callers you’ll encounter most frequently...

    1. Pit Bulls: Aggressive, tenacious—they love to control you and put you off balance.
    2. Know-It-Alls: They delight in making you aware that they know more about your business and your products than you do.
    3. Grumblers and “Nopes”: They’d rather gripe and complain than find solutions.
    4. Powder Kegs: These people “go off” without warning and launch into tirades.
    5. Friendly Time Bandits and Quiet Avengers: They rob you of precious time with small talk and endless questions.

Ways your company can shine in your callers’ eyes

  • How to use your guarantee to deflect unreasonable demands
  • 5 “listening loops”—what they are and how they can cut down on the number of disgruntled callers
  • How to ensure immediate follow-up on problems and complaints
  • Ways to use complaining customers for your company’s quality control
  • Cutting the red tape that only irritates already hostile callers

“Every call counts, every caller matters”
With any call that comes your way, you must be able to step into one or more of the following roles with poise and confidence instantly:

    • You’re a host, making any caller feel comfortable and at home with your company.
    • You’re a teacher, patiently answering the same questions repeatedly and always showing concern and courtesy.
    • You’re a detective, hunting down information about products, services, prices and everything else people come calling for.
    • You’re a healer, dealing with callers’ emotions and frustrations, and prescribing remedies. That’s a lot to ask, a lot of pressure to deal with. This seminar will show you how to wear these hats and others with ease.

Jul 18, Fri, 8:30am-3:30pm, Kuakini Tower, 75-5722 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua-Kona, $150 

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