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Tropical Horticulture Specialty

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General Information

The Tropical Horticulture specialization is designed to provide students with a well rounded background in horticultural science with special emphasis on the production of tropical and subtropical crops. This specialization offers a wide selection of courses, each providing the student with both the theoretical and hands-on approach to learning. Students learn basic horticultural practices such as grafting, pruning, pest management and cultivating crops that are of economic interest in the tropics, as well as advanced techniques such as plant tissue culture and hormonal manipulation of plants.

Why Study Tropical Horticulture?

Graduates in Tropical Horticulture are highly skilled in managing, producing and marketing horticultural crops, such as anthuriums, indoor foliage plants, hydroponic vegetables, and exotic tropical fruits; therefore, many graduates start their own enterprises.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Thorough familiarity with the principles of horticulture and sustainable production of fruit, vegetable, and ornamental crops in the tropics.
  • Identify and analyze the factors that affect crop production including the emerging body of knowledge in plant growth and development and the contribution of climatic, environmental, and edaphic factors.
  • Advanced skills in the actual growing and marketing of crops that illustrate economic viability and sustainability of agricultural practices.
  • Interact effectively with all stakeholders of agricultural development in the community and participate in outreach programs that demonstrate cultural sensitivity and integration of new agricultural technologies with indigenous knowledge.

Requirements for Graduation

To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture with a specialization in Tropical Horticulture, a student must complete a minimum of 123 semester hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0. The course work must be in the following areas:

General Education Requirements (46 to 52 hrs)
(View a complete listing of qualified courses)

In the Agriscience and Supplemental Requirements, some of the required courses also qualify as General Education Requirements.

Title/Courses Credits
Basic General Requirements
(18 hrs Total)
English Composition:
ENG 100 or ENG 100T or ENG 100H or ESL 100 or ESL 100T
3 hrs
Language Arts 3 hrs
Quantitative Reasoning
Two courses
6 hrs
World Cultures
Two courses
6 hrs
Area General Requirements (19 hrs Total)
Two courses in different disciplines.
6 hrs
Social Sciences
Two courses in different disciplines.
6 hrs
Natural Sciences
Two courses in different disciplines, including 1 credit hour of laboratory.
7 hrs
Integrative General Requirements
(9-15 hrs Total)
Writing Intensive Requirement Three courses designated "WI", one of which must be numbered 300 or above.
Transfer students, after an official transfer credit evaluation, may be required to take less than 3 courses.
3-9 hrs
Hawaiʻi Pan-Pacific Requirement 3 hrs
Global and Community Citizenship 3 hrs

Requirements for Major (including GE courses, 123 hrs)

Course Title Credits
Agriscience Requirements (70 hrs Total)
AG 200 Agro-Environmental Communication 3 hrs
AG 291
Directed Work Experience Program 3 hrs
AG 375 Introduction to Genetic Analysis 3 hrs
AG 496 Senior Seminar 1 hr
AGBU 110 Introduction to Microcomputing for Agriculture 3 hrs
AGEC 201 or
ECON 130
Agricultural Economics or
Introduction to Microeconomics
3 hrs
AGBU 320 or
AGEC 330
Agribusiness Management or
Farm Management
3 hrs
AGEN 231 Introduction to Agricultural Mechanization 3 hrs
ANSC 141 Introduction to Animal Science 3 hrs
ENTO 304 General Entomology 3 hrs
HORT 262 Principles of Horticulture 3 hrs
HORT 264 Plant Propagation 3 hrs
HORT 481 Weed Science 3 hrs
PPTH 301 Tropical Plant Pathology 3 hrs
PPHY 310 Plant Growth and Development 3 hrs
SOIL 304 Tropical Soils 3 hrs
HORT 263 or
HORT 266 or
HORT 303 or
HORT 304 or
HORT 350 or
HORT 351 or
HORT 352 or
HORT 354 or
HORT 360 or
HORT 450
Tropical Horticulture Production Courses:
Select SIX courses
18 to 21 hrs
Other Agricultural Courses Depending on total credit hours taken under
"Tropical Horticulture Production Courses"
3 to 6 hrs
Supplemental Requirements (17-19 hrs Total)
BIOL 175-175L Introductory Biology I & Lab 4 hrs
CHEM 151-151L
CHEM 141
CHEM 161-161L
CHEM 162-162L
CHEM 161-161L
CHEM 141
Introductory Chemistry & Lab
Survey of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
General Chemistry I & Lab
General Chemistry II & Lab
General Chemistry I & Lab
Survey of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
7/8 hrs
Eng 225 WI/Writing for Science and Technology 3 hrs
MATH 121 or higher Precalculus Mathematics 3/4 hrs
Electives (7-11 hrs Total)

Effective Fall 2016

Tropical Horticulture Specialty Curriculum Sheet