College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management

Yiqing Li

Yiqing in the ForestDr. Yiqing Li Associate Professor of Forestry
B.S., Inner Mongolia Forestry College
M.S., Beijing Forestry University
Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico


  • FOR 202 Forestry & Natural Resources (3)
  • FOR 440 Forest Ecosyst Restoration/Mgt (3)
  • NRES 196 Intro to Natural Resource Mgmt (3)
  • NRES 410 Invasive Species & Ecosystems (3)
  • NRES 420 Hydrology and Watershed Mgmt (3)
  • NRES 430 GIS Application in Nat Res Mgt (3)

Research interests

  • Forest soil ecology
  • Carbon sequestration of tropical forests
  • Tropical silviculture and forest ecosystem restoration
  • Impacts of invasive species on tropical forests
  • Tropical sustainable natural resource management

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed articles

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Book Chapter

  • Li, Y. and G. Gonzalez. 2007. Soil fungi and macrofauna in the Neotropics. In: Myster R.W. (eds) “Post-agricultural succession in the Neotropics”, Springer.

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