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Yiqing Li

Yiqing in the Forest
Dr. Yiqing Li

Associate Professor of Forestry
B.S., Inner Mongolia Forestry College
M.S., Beijing Forestry University
Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico


  • FOR 202 Forestry & Natural Resources (3)
  • FOR 440 Forest Ecosyst Restoration/Mgt (3)
  • NRES 196 Intro to Natural Resource Mgmt (3)
  • NRES 410 Invasive Species & Ecosystems (3)
  • NRES 420 Hydrology and Watershed Mgmt (3)
  • NRES 430 GIS Application in Nat Res Mgt (3)

Research interests

  • Forest soil ecology
  • Carbon sequestration of tropical forests
  • Tropical silviculture and forest ecosystem restoration
  • Impacts of invasive species on tropical forests
  • Tropical sustainable natural resource management

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed articles

  • Li, Y. and J. Dendy. 2010. Effects of conversion of agricultural land to forest and pasture on soil CO2 efflux in Hawaii. Pacific Agriculture and Natural Resources 2: 41-46.
  • Gonzalaz, G., Y. Li and X. Zou. 2010. Effects of post-hurricane fertilization and debris removal on earthworm abundance and biomass in subtropical forests in Puerto Rico. Biodiversidade e Ecologia (In press).
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  • Li, Y. 1992. Modeling of diameter distribution of Pinus yunnanensis. Forest Research 5: 633-638.

Book Chapter

  • Li, Y. and G. Gonzalez. 2007. Soil fungi and macrofauna in the Neotropics. In: Myster R.W. (eds) “Post-agricultural succession in the Neotropics”, Springer.

Contact Information

Yiqing Li, Associate Professor, Tropical Forest Ecology & Management
Tel: (808) 932-7156
Fax: (808) 932-7037
Office: College of Agriculture Building, room 109
Mail: 200 W Kāwili St, Hilo, HI 96720-4091