AGU Chapman Conference

Hawaiian Volcanoes: from Source to Surface

1912-2012 Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Centennial Anniversary August 20-24, 2012, Waikoloa, Hawaii

In 2012, the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory marked the Centennial of its founding. This occasion provided an opportunity to review the state-of-the-art in understanding of how Hawaiian volcanoes work and to assess the most important problems requiring future research.

Twenty highly accomplished researchers made 45 minute keynote presentations that provided an interdisciplinary overview of the current state of understanding of Hawaiian volcanism and eruption monitoring. These talks provided both context and inspiration for discussions throughout the meeting. The authors have graciously allowed their slides and audio recordings of their presentations to be posted on this site. In addition, 13 short talks and numerous posters from the meeting have also been contributed by their authors. Please respect the author's intellectual rights and do not reuse the figures in other presentations.

Specific conference objectives were to:

Establish the state of knowledge of Hawaiian volcanism across disciplines
Apply the understanding of Hawaiian volcanoes to other volcanoes
Identify the most important questions that should be the focus for future research
Provide a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and methodologies
Stimulate multidisciplinary collaborations that address key research questions


Michael Poland, USGS -HVO, Paul Okubo, USGS –HVO, Ken Hon, UH Hilo

Program Committee

Rebecca Carey, U Tasmania, Simon Carn, MTU, Valerie Cayol, OPGC-UBP. . . Helge Gonnermann, Rice Univ, Scott Rowland, SOEST, UH Mānoa




Bob Tilling | Hawaiian Volcano Observatory: It's first 100 years of advancing volcanology SLIDES | AUDIO

Garret Ito | Seismic structure and dynamics of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume SLIDES | AUDIO

Dominique Weis | What do we know about mantle plumes, what can Hawaiian volcanoes tell us about the Earth's mantle and how do they compare to other oceanic islands? SLIDES | AUDIO

Donald DePaolo | Deep Drilling Results and Models for the Growth and Chemical Evolution of Hawaiian Volcanoes SLIDES | AUDIO

Peter Lipman | Growth of the Island of Hawaii: Deep-Water Perspectives SLIDES | AUDIO



Aaron Pietruszka | Geometry of the Summit Magma Storage Reservoir of Kilauea Volcano: A View from High-Precision Pb Isotopes SLIDES | AUDIO

Eleonora Rivalta | Effects of magma compressibility on volcano deformation and seismicity SLIDES | AUDIO

Nikolai Shapiro | Studying Piton de la Fournaise volcano based on correlations of ambient seismic noise SLIDES | AUDIO

Paul Segall | Volcano Deformation, Seismicity, and Magma-Faulting Interactions SLIDES | AUDIO

Julia Morgan | Observationally and Geophysically Constrained Geodynamic Models of Hawaiian Volcanoes SLIDES | AUDIO



Sylvie Vergniolle | From Reservoirs to Conduits: the Role of Bubbles in Driving Basaltic Eruptions SLIDES | AUDIO

Marie Edmonds | Volatile Degassing in Basaltic Magmas SLIDES | AUDIO

Bruce F. Houghton | Explosive Eruptions at Basaltic Volcanoes SLIDES | AUDIO

Andrew Harris | Effusion Rate: Measurement from Space and Input into Lava Flow Modelling SLIDES | AUDIO

Donald Swanson | Effusive and Explosive Cycles at Kīlauea: What do They Mean? SLIDES | AUDIO



Matthew G. Jackson | The Deep Mantle Feeding Hawaiian Volcanism: New Perspectives on Old Models SLIDES | AUDIO

Peter M. Shearer | Characterizing fault zones and volcanic conduits at Kīlauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes by large-scale mapping of earthquake stress drops and high precision relocations SLIDES | AUDIO

Sonia Calvari | Monitoring Active Basaltic Volcanoes: New Techniques and Novel Results SLIDES | AUDIO

James H. Dieterich | Recent developments in regional simulations of fault and earthquake processes: Applications to volcanic systems SLIDES | AUDIO

David Clague | A 200-year look at Hawaiian volcanism—the last and the next 100 years SLIDES | AUDIO



Robert White | Magma Migration through the Crust beneath Iceland SLIDES | AUDIO

Erik Hauri | Volatile Element Systematics of Hawaiian Shield Volcanoes SLIDES | AUDIO

Megan Pickard | A Microanalytical Approach to Understanding the Origin of Cumulate Xenoliths from Mauna Kea, Hawaiʻi SLIDES | AUDIO

John M. Rhodes | Mauna Loa Magmas in Space and Time SLIDES | AUDIO


Rosalind Helz | Evidence for a large range of melts present in Kīlauea's summit reservoir SLIDES | AUDIO

Andrea Di Muro | The plumbing system of Piton de la Fournaise volcano (Réunion Island): a geochemical perspective SLIDES | AUDIO

Harmony Colella | Seismicity rates changes during episodic fountaining in the early stages of Puʻu ʻOʻo at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaiʻi and possible implications for magma storage and supply to Puʻu ʻOʻo SLIDES | AUDIO

Vincent Famin | A unified model for the deformation of basaltic volcanoes SLIDES | AUDIO

Marco Bagnardi | The Galápagos style: space-geodetic observations of intrusions and eruptions at Fernandina and other Galápagos volcanoes SLIDES | AUDIO


A. J. Sutton | Eruptive processes revealed by variations in Kīlauea gas release highlight the value of thoughtful care and feeding of long running datasets SLIDES | AUDIO

Frank Trusdell | Does Activity at Kīlauea Influence Eruptions at Mauna Loa? SLIDES | AUDIO

Richard Fiske | Ultra-Energetic, Jet-Like Eruption at Kīlauea: The Kulanaokuaiki-3 Tephra (~850-950 CE) SLIDES | AUDIO

Michael S. Ramsey | Thermal emission from molten silicates: Implications for lava flow emplacement and hazards SLIDES | AUDIO


Silke Ballmer | Studying temporal velocity changes with ambient seismic noise at Hawaiian volcanoes

Sofya Chistyakova | Magma differentiation and crystallization in basaltic conduits by two competing petrogenetic processes

Hannah R. Dietterich | Complex Channel Networks in Hawai'i and the Influence of Underlying Topography on Flow Emplacement

Tamar Elias | Degassing highlights during the 2011-2012 eruptive activity at Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i

Frederick A. Frey | The Longevity of Geochemical Differences Between Lavas Erupted Along the Loa and Kea Spatial Trends Defined by the Hawaiian Islands

Andrew Greene | Temporal Geochemical Variations in Lavas from Kilauea's Puu Oo Eruption (1983-2012): The Changing Roles of Source and Crustal Processes

Julie A. Herrick | Lava inundation probability for the north flank of Mauna Loa

Ken Hon | Petrologic evidence for a large, actively convecting summit magma chamber within Kilauea Volcano

Keith A. Horton | Early Monitoring Results from the Halema`uma`u Vog Measurement and Prediction FLYSPEC Array

Jessica H. Johnson | A Background of Seismic Anisotropy at Kilauea Volcano and Changes Associated with the Summit Eruptive Vent

Christoph Kern | Ultraviolet SO2 imaging systems allow insights into degassing processes occurring on short timescales at Kilauea's summit

Christina King | Ambient Noise Non-Linear Time Correction for Ocean Bottom Seismometers

Einat Lev | Investigating Lava Rheology Using Video Analysis and Numerical Models of Experimental and Natural Lava Flows

Patricia G. MacQueen | Using Forward Modeling to Optimize the Geometry of Geophysical Networks at the Summit of Kilauea Volcano: A Matter of Great Gravity

Chiara Montagna | The migration of pressure transients within elastically deforming magma pathways

Patricia A. Nadeau | Examining the Role of Degassing in Recent Summit Activity, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

Jun Oikawa | Crustal deformation and volcanic earthquakes associated with the 2008-2011 Shinmoe-dake eruption

Michael P. Poland | Kilauea's magma plumbing system

Vincent J. Realmuto | Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of SO2 Emissions from Kilauea Volcano: Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Nicole Richter | Small-scale deformation associated with the summit eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i, from TerraSAR-X Interferometry

Diana C. Roman | Intermediate-term seismic precursors to the 2007 Father's Day intrusion and eruption at Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i

Ellen M. Syracuse | High-resolution seismic imaging of Kilauea Volcano's summit region: Combined datasets, comparison of tomographic methods, and updated seismic velocity models

Carl R. Thornber | Petrologic Testament to Changes in Shallow Magma Storage and Transport Associated with Prolonged Recharge and Eruption at Kilauea

Katharina Unglert | Towards a parameter space for volcanic tremor: Dependence of tremor amplitude on magma rheology

Christelle Wauthier | Magma Sources Involved in the 2002 Nyiragongo Eruption, as Inferred from an InSAR Analysis

Alan G. Whittington | Thermo-rheological feedbacks during cooling and crystallization of basaltic lava



Meeting Field Trips

Mauna Kea Summit Hike from the summit of Mauna Kea through the Ice Age Preserve

North Slope of Mauna Loa Field Notes Trip from NOAA Observatory to Pu`u Huluhulu

Southwest Rift Zone of Mauna Loa Trip from Waikola to southern end of Mauna Loa

Kohala Volcano Trip from Waikoloa across the top of Kohala to Hawi and south along coast

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