Geology Students

There are approximately 25 students majoring in Geology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Some were born and raised in the islands; others are on the National Student Exchange program; still others are from foreign countries. But they all share common interests: a love for the outdoors, for geology, and for volcanoes.

Opportunities with the US Geological Survey

UH Hilo Geology Majors often have opportunities to work on projects with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Ernest Olsen

Ernest Olsen (above) selects archived seismic records (in this case, the 1963 Koae swarm) for digital scanning. Storing this information on computer, before the seismographs deteriorate, is critical. Scientists can then analyze the data precisely, comparing the old records with patterns recorded digitally today. Read details!

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith (above) has been assisting HVO with analyzing particles ejected from Halemaumau. The UH-Hilo Geology Department lab has equipment used to prepare samples for chemical and petrographic analysis; tracking the composition of these products helps scientists better understand the underground magma system.


UH Hilo Geology Majors Come From a Wide Variety of Backgrounds & Locales.

photo of AndrewAndrew Kaipu, from Papua New Guinea

photo of Ramona and KristenRamona Navarette and Kristen Rocha, mothers of schoolchildren

photo of Joe Kaipat
Joe Kaipat, from Saipan, Marianas Islands

photo of Ron TingookRon Tingook, from Alaska

photo of Tom RobbTom Robb, retired longshoreman