Info for Geology Transfer Students

Why should geology students transfer to UH Hilo?

Community College Students

The transfer process will go more smoothly if you arrive with an A.A. degree in hand. Students who arrive in Hilo with an A.A. degree do not have to take any more General Education Courses.

Tips to Make the Transfer Process go Smoothly

  1. If at all possible, take physical geology (plate tectonics, origin and classification of rocks, etc.), and pre-calculus mathematics (trig, geometry, logarithms, functions) prior to arriving in Hilo. This will ensure that you have the prerequisites to start taking geology courses right away. Taking chemistry is a good idea too. Physics and chemistry are taught at two levels: Introductory Physics and Introductory Chemistry are designed for non-science majors. General Physics and General Chemistry are mathematically rigorous courses for B.S. majors. We require the latter, so if you have a choice, take the higher-level General Physics and Chemistry. The same goes for calculus—take the higher-level course intended for B.S. majors.
  2. In most cases it is better to start in the fall rather than the spring. This is because certain courses offered in the fall are prerequisite to certain courses offered in spring. This advice does not apply to freshmen.
  3. In most cases, students can take all their required geology courses in two years if 1) they have already taken physical geology and pre-calculus prior to starting at UH Hilo, and 2) they start in Fall semester. Students must also meet general education, math/physics/chemistry, and writing intensive requirements so the total number of semesters needed to graduate will depend on how many transfer courses meet these requirements.
  4. Contact us if you have questions.