What's New in Geology?

New GIS Lab

photo of GIS labThe Geology and Geography departments are pooling resources to build a new Geographical Information System (GIS) computer laboratory. This is a great opportunity for students because GIS skills are in strong demand. During the spring of 2001, we obtained a $50,000 grant to purchase computers and software. The three main software packages that will be installed in the GIS lab are ArcView, ArcInfo, and IDRISI (for remote sensing). GIS classes will start in fall 2001. Two new geography professors--Pat Guiberson and Barbara Gibson--will be teaching GIS, computer cartography, and remote sensing in the 10-seat computer lab, which is located in EKH 273.

Microprobe News

photo of microprobe roomUHH Geology has received a 2 year, $140,000 NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant to completely refurbish the UHH/HVO electron microprobe. The grant, which was due to the efforts of Professor Ken Hon, will make the microprobe usable for our mineralogy classroom; students will be able to use the microprobe during mineralogy and petrology lab exercises. The grant is for two years. During the first year we will finish needed repairs and purchase a carbon coater for sample preparation. During the second year, we will make the necessary hardware and software modifications and add a video camera so the probe can be used from the classroom. It will be very exciting for both students and faculty to have the electron microprobe fully functional and ready to do research. One of the main research projects for the microprobe will be to analyze volcanic glass samples from the ongoing eruption to monitor temperature and chemical changes for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (co-owners of the microprobe). There will be ample opportunity for student research projects and senior theses too!