Geology Course Schedule

Introductory geology courses, including Geology of Hawaiʻi (Geol 205), are offered every semester. We do not offer a traditional summer field camp, but a Volcano Monitoring Course (Geol 470) is offered every summer. A link to the schedule for geology core courses is listed at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the core courses, one or two upper-division electives are offered each semester. Possible electives include advanced environmental geology, geoloy of North America, geophysics, surface water, groundwater, GIS, remote sensing, and planetary geology. Upper division elective courses for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 will most likely include: Plate Tectoonics (Geol 432), GIS for Geology (Geol 445), Volcano Seismology and Geodesy (Geol 471), Advanced Environmental Geology (Geol 300) and Surface Water (Geol 360). UH Hilo has strong programs in astronomy, geography, and marine science. Some students may want to minor or double major in these disciplines.