Hilo, Hawaiʻi

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo offers quality undergraduate education in a beautiful and diverse natural setting. Hilo (population 47,000) is located on the island of Hawaiʻi, commonly referred to as the "Big Island" because it is the largest in the Hawaiian chain. Tropical rainforests, beautiful waterfalls and palm-lined oceans can all be seen within the city limits of Hilo. Elsewhere on the island are grasslands with cattle ranches, secluded beaches, snowcapped peaks, coral reefs, deserts complete with cacti, and active volcanoes. Kīlauea Volcano has been erupting almost continuously from 1983 to present, and Mauna Loa Volcano last erupted in 1984.

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Things to Do Around Hilo

Hilo provides plenty of opportunities for water sports, whether it's stand-up paddling near Coconut Island, windsurfing across Hilo Bay, or surfing at Honolii

It rains a lot in Hilo, and that produces lush greenery. If you like hiking through tropical rain forests and discovering stunning waterfalls, the windward side of the Big Island has it all.

In winter months, Mauna Kea receives enough snow for sledding and snowboarding.