2002 Gallery

International Training Program

For 2002, we had 5 participants, from Nicaragua, Democratic Republic of Congo, Peru, and Costa Rica.

Group 2002

Left to right: Orlando Macedo of Peru, Wafula from DRC (with Daisy in the background), Dave Phillips and Francine Coloma (instructors), Armando Saballos of Nicargua by the EDM, and ro the right of the EDM are Rodolfo Van der Laat of Ecuador and Kavotha (DRC).

DAP and KavothaCSAV instructor David A. Phillips shows Kavotha Kalendi (DRC) how to adjust a tribrach.

WafulaWafula (DRC) looks through an EDM near the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

LevelingOrlando Macedo (Peru) and Kavotha (DRC) take turns setting up the tribrach properly.