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Volcano House Register

CSAV is digitally archiving the Volcano House Register (1865 - 1939) with the assistance of UH-Hilo Geology Professor Steve Lundblad and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Visitors to the Volcano House recorded their observations and made drawings of volcanic activity; since Jaggar did not arrive until the early 1900's, the written record of the VHR is invaluable to scientists looking for clues to early behavior of Kilauea Volcano.

Darcy and Tracy

Above: Preparing the VHR for the camera. Below: Samples of pages.

A drawing from the Volcano House Register by Frank S. Dodge. A Gay and Festive Party. Typical page from the Volcano House Register.

Robert W. Decker Slide Collection

Over the course of his illustrious career, Robert W. Decker amassed a collection of 30,000 slide photographs. Some were taken during his travels to Indonesia and Latin America, but many of the slides are duplicates which he obtained from colleagues such as the Kraffts, as well as NPS and USGS personnel. This collection has been donated to CSAV to digitally archive, complete with Meta Data, before handing the slides (and digital copies) over to the Smithsonian for permanent archival preservation. A limited number of the digital images will eventually be available for public downloading, as many are Public Domain. But others are copyright, such as those of the Kraffts, and cannot be used without permission.

Krafft Slides

Each slide is carefully and sequentially numbered; a few of Katia's are shown.

Cool Scan

The slides are scanned with a Nikon Cool Scan, which allows the technician to work on another project simultaneously, as it accepts up to 50 slides in a stack. Each slide is saved as a TIFF with 65 MB at 8-bit depth. Samples are shown below.

Dwight Hamilton's photo of the March 1965 Makaopuhi eruption. Richard Fiske's photo of Halemaumau on 11/5/1967 Jeff Judd's photo of a hornito in Aloi crater on 5-20-1970.
Glen Kay NPS photograph 1974 Robert Decker's photograph of a vehicle damaged in the Mount St. Helens 1980 eruption, photographed on 8-6-1981 Robert Decker crouches at the interface between older aa and pahoehoe flows to illustrate vaariations in surface textures.