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Select Images of Pele, Puu Oo, Halemaumau

Madame Pele in Halemlaumau crater; photo by Igor Koyfman

The face of Madame Pele, volcano goddess of Hawaii, appears in Halemaumau Crater on 6 August 2010, above. The photographer, Igor Koyfman, set the camera on a rock, used night exposure mode and a self-timer to avoid disturbing the camera.

Madame Pele, photo by Rick Fuller Halemaumau at night from Subaru Telescope Pele's face appears in fresh lava entering the sea; photo by Darcy Bevens
Madame Pele at Puu Oo, from Hirano Store, by Rick Fuller, on 3 March 1984. Halemaumau from Subaru Telescope, by Rita Morris, on 25 Oct 2012, 1:51 am. Pele's face at the sea, Kalapana, in lava rapidly cooled by ocean waves.


Lightning Boat in Kona Aa

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