Incoming transfer

A large part of our student population started their college careers somewhere other than UH Hilo. Whether you come from a local community college or from a university halfway around the world, UH Hilo certainly has a pulse for the success of our transfer students.

Our job is to make your experience transferring to UH Hilo as seamless as possible.

The basics

When and how do I register for classes?

During the early registration period, transfer students like yourself can register for classes soon after your Intent to Enroll form has been processed by the Admissions Office.

As an incoming student, you will not be assigned to an advisor in your major until the start of classes. If you need any help with putting your schedule together, advisors at the Advising Center are available to help you get this process started. A breakdown of the early registration dates as well as other important information pertaining to registration can be found in the UH Hilo Registration Guide

How can I meet with an advisor?

Incoming transfer students with majors will be assigned to a faculty advisor within their department by the third week of the semester. Prior to being assigned an advisor, transfer students can speak to an advisor at the Advising Center. The Transfer journey for each of you can be a unique and oftentimes trying experience. The Advising Center is here to help make this transition as seamless as possible. You can schedule an appointment with the Advising Center by calling (808) 932-7776, email, or scroll down to request to Book your Appointment.

Who do I speak to if I have questions about how my courses transferred in from previous schools I attended?

The Admissions Office can help you better understand how your courses transferred in. General questions regarding your trasnferred credits may be answered by emailing

A meeting with an advisor may help to determine any additional steps you may need to take in regards to your transfer courses. After such a meeting, there may be additional steps involving the Admissions office, the Office of the Registrar, or the Dean of your college. All transfer students come with different situations and needs. A conversation with an advisor can be the first step in sorting it all out.

You may also go here  to get an idea of how your courses might transfer into UH Hilo.

I have completed an Associate of Arts Degree, but I do not see it on my UH Hilo record. What should I do?

A final transcript from your previous college may need to be sent to the UHH Admissions Office.

Remember, transfer students such as yourself usually get admitted in to UH Hilo while working on completing the final courses for their AA degrees. The transcript used by the admissions office to evaluate your application was based upon credits you had completed up until the date you submitted your application. In other words, the courses you were currently taking were not yet listed as completed on your transcript, which means that your Associate of Arts degree was not verified. A final transcript from your previous school should indicate the completion of these final courses as well as the verification of your AA.

There may be other reasons why your AA is not showing up on your Hilo record. A meeting with an advisor should be able to clear up any questions regarding prior degrees.

Tips for success

No. 1

Resolve Admissions and transfer credit issues
before meeting with an Advisor 

No. 2

Make sure you understand the Financial Aid implications of your academic decisions

No. 3

Always check and read
your email.