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2014 University of Hawaii Hawaiian Internship Program (UH-HIP) Interns


Cindy Among PIPES Intern 2014

Cindy Among-Serrao

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Propagation of Palapalai (Microlepia strigosa) with Different Amendment Variables

Mentor: Kawika Winter

Agency: Limahuli Garden and Preserve (NTBG)

Cyrus Aton PIPES Intern 2014

Cyrus Aton

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Field Associate

Mentor: Kim Welch

Agency:  Oahu Army Natural Resource Program

Jane Bontuyan PIPES Intern 2014

Jane Bontuyan

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Habitat Suitability Modeling for the Restoration of Threatened, Endangered, and At-risk Plant Species in Dryland Ecosystems of Hawaii

Mentor: Susan Cordell, Amanda Uowolo, Sam Brooks

Agency:  USDA Forest Service IPIF

Emily Cadiz PIPES Intern 2014

Emily Cadiz

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Culturally Grounded Marine Monitoring in Hāʻena, Kauaʻi

Mentor: Mehana Vaughan

Agency: UH Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Kyson Dunn PIPES Intern 2014

Kyson Dunn

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Determining Factors Contributing to Rapid Ohia Death

Mentor: Flint Hughes

Agency: USDA Forest Service IPIF

Shari Frias PIPES Intern 2014

Shari Frias

UH-HIP 2014

Project: ʻOpihi Monitoring

Mentor: Roxie Sylva

Agency:  The Nature Conservancy - Maui Marine

Brandon Gurat PIPES Intern 2014

Brandon Gurat

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Watershed Management on the Island of Maui

Mentor: Francis Quitazol

Agency:  The Nature Conservancy - Maui Terrestrial

Ronald Hudman PIPES Intern 2014

Ron Hudman

UH-HIP 2014

Project:  Limu Kohu Life Cycle Through Salt Water Aquaponics

Mentor: Kendra Hart & Karla McDermid

Agency: UH Hilo Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center

Shelby Ishida PIPES Intern 2014

Shelby Ishida

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Best Management Practices in the Waimanalo Watershed

Mentor: Duane Okamoto and Hannah Bergemann

Agency: Oʻahu Resource Conservation and Development Council

Erika Jardin PIPES Intern 2014

Erika Jardin

UH-HIP 2014

Project:  Community Based Marine Resource Management

Mentor: Roxie Sylva

Agency: The Nature Conservancy - Maui Marine

Aloha Kapono PIPES Intern 2014

Aloha Kapono

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Nearshore Ocean Currents of Honolii, Hilo

Mentor: Noelani Puniwai

Agency: UH Hilo Pacific Island Programs for Exploring Science

Kuupua Kiyuna PIPES Intern 2014

Ku`upuamae`ole Kiyuna

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Writing a Conservation Plan

Mentor: Duane Okamoto & Hannah Bergemann

Agency: O`ahu Resource Conservation & Development Council

Kamaka Lewis PIPES Intern 2014

Kamaka Lewis

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Field Associate

Mentor: Joel Brunger and Springer Kaye

Agency: Big Island Invasive Species Committee

Margo Mellott PIPES Intern 2014

Margaux Mellott

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Exploring Data Collection Methods for Digital Topographic Mapping of Mauna Kea, Hawai`i

Mentor: Ryan Perroy

Agency:  UH Hilo Geography Department and Office of Mauna Kea Management

Sarah Mizokawa PIPES Intern 2014

Sarah Mizokawa

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Diet of Āholehole in Waiāhole Stream

Mentor: Kauaoa Fraiola

Agency:  University of California, Berkeley

Hanoa Pua-Fritas PIPES Intern 2014

Hanoa Puaa-Freitas

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Watershed Management Activities on Pu'u Kukui

Mentor: Pomaikai Kaniaupio-Crozier

Agency: Pu'u Kukui Watershed

Kyla Defore PIPES Intern 2014

Kyla Shetter

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Analogue Site Characterization

Mentor: Christian Andersen

Agency: Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES)

Dean Snelling PIPES Intern 2014

Dean Snelling

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Malama Ka Wai O Kuaola

Mentor: Ana Kon

Agency:  Papahana Kuaola

Taylor Tomita PIPES Intern 2014

Taylor Tomita

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Vegetation Recovery after Non-native Ungulate Removal from Tropical Montane Dry Shrubland

Mentor: Rebecca Cole & Creighton Litton

Agency: UH Manoa, Dept of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Taylor Warner PIPES Intern 2014

Taylor Warner

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Forest Structure and Light Environment Across a Climate Gradient on Windward Hawai'i Island.

Mentor: Jonathan Price

Agency: UH Hilo Geography

Lindsey Watanabe PIPES Intern 2014

Lindsey Watanabe

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Cultivation Trials of Kalo (Colocasia esculenta) in Hā`ena, Halele`a, Kaua`i

Mentor: Kawika Winter

Agency: NTBG Limahuli Gardens and Preserve

Aja Werner PIPES Intern 2014

Aja Werner

UH-HIP 2014

Project: K-12 Educational Outreach

Mentor: Erika Perry

Agency: UH Hilo Pacific Island Programs for Exploring Science

Mika Wong PIPES Intern 2014

Mika Wong

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Malama Aina

Mentor: Jeremy Seriano

Agency:  Malama Learning Center

Darcy Yogi PIPES Intern 2014

Darcy Yogi

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Mauna Kea Invasive Species Management Plan Development

Mentor: Fritz Klasner & Casper Vanderwoude

Agency: UH Hilo,Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM) and Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Brad Young PIPES Intern 2014

Bradley Young

UH-HIP 2014

Project: Examination of Hawaiian Flagtail (Kuhlia Spp.) diet and Body Complexity Index along Terrestrial Freshwater InputGgradient; Hilo, Hi

Mentor: James Akau & Richard McKenzie

Agency: USDA Forest Service IPIF

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