UHHSA Fall Retreat

Along with meetings and guest speakers throughout the day, the senate participated in a trust walk. In teams of two, one member is blind folded and the other is the leader. The leader leads the blindfolded member around the courtyard. How does one lead another? How safe does the one being led feel? UHHSA discussed the topic of trust amongst each other and came to very interesting conclusions.

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Myhraliza & Justin

Paul Ang

trust walk instructions

trust walk instructions 2

trust walk instructions 3

ho'omano blind fold & shades

being led around

shawn & ho'omano

shawn & ho'omano 2

ho'omano & shawn / rosie & georgia

justin & guyer

lani & paul

justin & guyer

justin almost falls

georgia & rosie

justin vs shawn

what happened?

lani leading paul

photos courtesy of UHHSA Advisor Jennifer Richardson

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