Fall 07 Commencement Reception

UHHSA helped out with the Fall 2007 Commencement Reception at the Campus Center Palaza. There was Nemos frozen desserts (Pound Cake, Chocolate Bundt Cake, Carrot Cake, Blueberry Bread and Coffee Cake) and Minute Maid apple juice and lemonade. Nemos was purchased through the Pint Size Corporation and the Minute Maid juice was purchased from Suisan. Congratulations to all the Fall 2007 UH Hilo Graduates!

reception 1

reception 2

reception 3

band 1

band 2

georgia & rose tseng

jet & food

juice jugs

rose tseng & nemos

jenn, ariel & lani

castile & tseng

castile & tseng 2


lani & castile

reception 4

ka'ili & georgia

theo & jenn

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