Committees: UHHSA 2009-2010


The committees are designed to help address and resolve specific issues of interest at UH Hilo.  Standing Committees are permanent committees specializing in the consideration of particular subject areas of interest that the senate deems important based on student input. Ad-Hoc Committees are created throughout the year for a specific purpose, case, or situation at hand. Currently these committees are not active yet but will be soon. Please stay in contact with us through the UHHSA website for updates and details.

NOTE: Committees are followed with either a (S) or (A)

(S) = Standing Committee

(A) = Ad-Hoc Committee

NOTE: Click on names to email them

Committee Guidelines & Chairs

1) R.I.S.O. (Registered Independent Student Organizations) (S)

This committee shall:

- coordinate and extend UHHSA Senate services and programs to R.I.S.O.'s

- correspond with R.I.S.O.'s regarding funding rules, guidelines, activities and UHHSA Senate updates

- assist fellow senators in preparation and submission of resolutions, bills, or other legislation related to the UHHSA Senate for it's action.

Chairperson: Maleka Cook


2) Public Relations (S)

This committee shall:

- monitor all UHHSA bulletin boards

- help in assisting UHHSA-sponsored R.I.S.O.'s in public relations

- spread awareness of UHHSA affairs

- enforce UHHSA promotion along with UHHSA sponsoring

- manage a calendar of events

Chairperson: Candace Miki'ala Akiona


3) Sustainability (S): Students for Sustainability Committee (S.S.C.)

This committee shall:

- accelerate the university's ability to provide for the needs of its current and future members without compromising the long term health and vitality of our biosphere and society

Chairperson: Stefan Kropidlowski


4) Legislature (S)

This committee shall:

- research and advocate for the student body at all levels of governance

- work towards representing UHHSA in a professional and recognizable manner

Chairperson: Stefan Kropidlowski


5) Oh Hell (Study Week) (S)

This committee shall:

- provide an after hours study environment

Chairperson: Glenn Lefiti Jr.


6) U.H.S.C. (University of Hawai'i Student Caucus) (S)

This committee shall:

- represent students by monitoring system-level issues

- hosting caucus meetings held at UH Hilo

- represent UHHSA at UH Student Caucus meetings

Delegate: Kelson Ho'omano Pakele

Delegate: Glenn Lefiti Jr.

Alternate: Nick Turner


7) Student Outreach (A)

This committee shall:

- communicate with student body

- work to move UHHSA goals toward student goals

- receive student feedback rather than provide UHHSA output and organize it in a useful manner.

Chairperson: Kamuela Bannister

Chairperson: Jessie Watson


8) Commencement (S)

This committee shall:

- plan and coordinate commencement reception (location, entertainment, food, security, etc.)

- ensure UHHSA representation at the commencement ceremonies and receptions

Chairperson: Jesse Keone Potter

Chairperson: Kelson Ho'omano Pakele


9) Records (A)

This committee shall:

- provide a records representative at every UHHSA event or activity for documentation

- provide proper organization and storage of records

- begin building an organized database of UHHSA records

- not be responsible for output of records; just input. Records include various media (photographs, event flyers, video, relevant documents).

Chairperson: Maleka Cook


10) Hilo Ambassador (A)

This committee shall:

- provide funding for UHH students to gain exposure outside of Hilo as representatives of UHH

- inform faculty of different possibilities for students

- select individual students for opportunities

- move towards separating the committee from UHHSA and expand the ambassador program.

Chairperson: Jesse Keone Potter

download flyer for Hilo Ambassador Committee information

download criteria and application for Hilo Ambassador Committee


11) B.O.R. Delegates (B.O.R.D.) (A)

This committee shall:

- consist of a few students (between 2 or 3) to attend monthly Board of Regents meetings (B.O.R.)

- possibly be paid for travel/meals/stipend

- create UHHSA presence at B.O.R. meetings, gather information to bring back to UHH

- create rapport with B.O.R. student regent.

Delegate: N/A


12) Applications Committee (Sub-committee of Elections) (A)

The committee shall:

- promote UHHSA open senator positions

- accept applications for UHHSA open senator positions

- serve as a liaison between UHHSA and Campus Center to verify applicant student ID numbers.

- schedule applicant interviews.

- relay UHHSA feedback, information, and updates regarding application interview process to applicants.

Chair: Maralei Keala Barnett


13) Faculty Congress Representative

- The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Faculty Congress is the policy making body of UH Hilo for all academic matters of concern to more than one unit. On UH system-wide issues, the Congress conveys the views of the UH Hilo faculty to the UH President through the UH Hilo Chancellor.

- UHHSA is given the opportunity to have student representation sit on this policy making body.

Student Representative: La'akea Yoshida

14) Earth Fair Committee (A)

This committee shall:

  • collaborate with Hawaii Community College and other organizations for Spring 2010 Annual Earth Fair.
  • be responsible for an UHHSA table at the fair

Co-Chair: Jessie Watson

Co-Chair: Nick Turner


15) UH Hilo College of Pharmacy Committee (A)

This committee shall:

  • facilitate communication and cooperation between the UH Hilo College of Pharmacy and the University of Hawai'i at Hilo and fellow UH system campuses.
  • raise awareness for the UH Hilo College of Pharmacy to the benefit of the student body (including relations between student groups)
  • facilitate communication and cooperation between various groups within the UH Hilo College of Pharmacy, including but not limited to: American Pharmacists Association, National Community Pharmacists Association, Phi Delta Chi, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the UH Hilo College of Pharmacy class student governments.

Chair: Daniel Hu


16) Equipment Committee (A)

This committee shall:

  • be responsible for any and all organizations that borrow the UHHSA equipment. (Ex. sound equipment, computers, and various office supplies)
  • be held responsible for any and all damages sustained to any of the UHHSA equipment.
  • be responsible for updating equipment and replenishing UHSSA office supplies through scheduled supply runs.

Chair: Kamuela Bannister


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