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Get to know your senate. Who is representing you? Here are photos and information for this year's UHHSA Senate. Please check back as there will be more and more added to this page.

President: Lani Thur-Fine

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Hey Hey
My name’s Lani Dawn Thur-Fine, and I am sitting in the President seat of the 07-08 UHHSA. I have created my own liberal studies program, pursuing a B.A. in the Psychology of Communication through Dance. I am participating in UHHSA bring about strategic changes that will enhance our time spent here at UH Hilo. This is my fourth year here at UH Hilo. I was born and grown in the Rocky Mountains of Missoula, Montana. I love to be outside and have a close relationship with the sun. I am prone to dance, sing, and be full of bubbly joy at any given moment.

Email: thurfine@hawaii.edu


Vice President : Jesse Keone Potter


The name is Jesse Keone Potter. I was born in Mountain View just outside of Hilo, grew up on the North and West side of the island, and am loving my time here at UH Hilo. I am a Communications major. Becoming the Vice President is a new experience for me, and I am very excited to working for the betterment of our university and the Big Island community as a whole. And if not working or going to school, I'm either playing my guitar, bodyboarding, skateboarding around town, or anything else that gets me going and keeps me centered. Aloha

Email: keone_777@hotmail.com


Treasurer: Kendra Tidwell


"Greetings fellow students!
I'm Kendra Tidwell, your UHHSA treasurer. My joining UHHSA was kind of last minute, and it is my personal goal to help the position run smoothly and get it to a place of stability to help future treasurers ease into the role. I grew up on the Big Island in Puna, graduated from Pahoa High School in 2005, and am now a senior here at UHH. I'm a Communication major and am taking the equivalent of an Art History minor, so as to pave the way for entering a graduate program in Art History some time next year on the mainland. When I'm not on campus, you can probably find me working as a cashier at Island Naturals in Pahoa. I like keeping busy, and my full schedule takes care of that - which is why in my spare time, there's a good chance I'm just relaxing with a good book, movie, or video game! Passions of mine include music (been playing violin for 11 years now), animals (I'm feeding a baby camel in this picture!), and taking care of the planet (yay recycling!). See you around campus!"

Email: tidwell@hawaii.edu


Data Director: Kelson Ho’omano Pakeleho'omano_dd

Aloha ei body!! I’m a Communication Major and I'm actually done with all of my credits to graduate as of Fall 2007. Then why am I stickin' around? Being a part of student government I've found out that there is a lot more power in this position than given credit for. I've decided to run for at least one more year and work with the UH Student Caucus again, and also work with our UH Legislature Committee again. There is so much that can be done being a part of student governement and I intend to do just that. Also, I like to play video games, jam on the ukulele and play some basketball whenever I can find a chill pick up game. Aloha!

Email: djkeino@gmail.com

Web: http://www.myspace.com/keino


Executive Senator: Ryan Peters


I'm originally from O'ahu and I moved to the Big Island a year ago. My major is Communications and i'm considering another degree in Ag. In my free time I like to play capoeira, surf, and cook. I hope to promote, in what small ways I can, self-sufficiency and community on the Big Island.

Email: petersr@hawaii.edu


College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Senator : Timothy Spangler Glick


I'm an athlete for UH Hilo's Men's Soccer team. I'm a marine science major. I enjoy outdoor stuff; camping, surfing, and I'm just pretty outgoing. I'm also very personable. Please don't hesitate to approach me, even though my picture is kinda scary. I don't have a beard anymore either, so that's kinda important. I'm excited to be on the senate this year and I hope we can do some cool things.

Email: tglick@hawaii.edu

Website: http://vulcans.uhh.hawaii.edu/player.php?id=1005


College of Business & Education (CoBE) Senator: Rufel Gelbolingo


Aloha mai kakou! My name is Rufel Gelbolingo and I am your College of Business and Economics (CoBE) senator for the 2008-2009 school year. I am a compassionate person who is willing to help anyone who needs it. I am interested in almost ANYTHING and love to do EVERYTHING!!! I look forward to learning more about you and I hope that in the process you can learn something from me. If you have a great idea--for our campus, school, or the community--if you need help, or if you just need someone to talk to, PLEASE do not hesitate to email me at rufel@gmail.com. Or you could stop by the UHHSA office (located in Campus Center Rm. 211) and give me a hollaaaaaa'!

Mahalo nui loa!

Email: rufel@hawaii.edu


College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM) Senator: Jessie Watson


Hey my name is Jessie and I am your CAFNRM senator for UHHSA! I like surfing, sailing, flying kites, gardening and raising baby animals. I believe in being active and doing what I can do to make UHH and the world a better place. Voice your opinion and tell me what you think can be done to improve the school, your program, club or anything to improve life for the students here at UH Hilo. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Email: watsonj@hawaii.edu


Ka Haka 'Ula O Ke'elikolani College of Hawaiian Language (KCHL) Senator: U'ilani Wallace


Aloha e ko Ke Kula Nui ma Hilo,
My name is U'ilani Wallace. All the way from Maui I am the 2nd of 6 kid. I love sports like volleyball, paddling, surfing, and out door stuff. I love the Hawaiian Language and culture and plan to be a teacher. I'm the representative of Ka Haka 'Ula o Ke'elikolani here at UH Hilo. Here to gain more experience for the future to help my culture progress in all our endevours.

Email: dwallace@hawaii.edu


Senator at Large: Elizabeth "Liz" Brown


I'm a communication major and a marine science minor. I've been appointed to the Chair position of the UHHSA Public Relations committee. Until further notice, all I have to add at the moment is, "I'm looking for scuba diving buddies!"

Email: brownej@hawaii.edu


Senator at Large: Valerie Dionne


Aloha! My name is Val and I am currently serving as Senator-at-Large for UHHSA. I’ve lived here on the Big Island for 10 years now and…loving it! I’m a Junior double majoring in Political Science and Administration of Justice. When I’m not studying, I love to jam on the guitar, ride mountain bikes, play basketball (and most other sports) or just watch a good movie. My favorite color is red and I consider coffee to be its own essential food group. I feel that serving on UHHSA is a positive way for me to give back to our student “ohana” and UHH community. I enjoy meeting new people too so, if you see me around campus…introduce yourself and we can talk-story! Mahalo plenty!

Email: vdionne@hawaii.edu


Senator at Large: Lea Taylor


I like adventure and travels. I grew up in the mountains,but I also love the ocean. I am a big fan of sunshine, rain, surfing, sailing, pinatas, and most of all icecream.

Email: lmtaylor@hawaii.edu


Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Besio


(Web-Blurb to Follow)

Email: N/A


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