RISO Funding Request Instructions

Aloha and welcome to the RISO funding request page. This page will help you properly set up a funding request. Once your request is completed you will bring it with you to an UHHSA full senate meeting for approval. The purpose for all of this paperwork is to make sure your RISOs request is submitted to the main Campus Center office in a timely manner and without error. Once they have approved your RISOs request, it is forwarded to the Business office also for further processing.

Because it is a long process that requires precision, it is important for your RISO to be aware of all required paperwork and deadlines. Failure to meet deadlines or complete all paperwork may result in a void submission. Please feel free to contact UHHSA directly for any other questions regarding the UHHSA funding process.

Step 1: Verify Deadline

There are strict policies regarding deadlines. Based on your type of request and when your RISOs program/project/event will be held (ex. travel, event, entertainment, supplies), deadlines for paperwork submission can range from 4 - 10 weeks in advanced. Please look over this "cheat sheet" that the Campus Center main office has created to help determine if you are elligible for funding solely based on your deadlines. If your request cannot be fulfilled based on deadlines alone, UHHSA is not able to fund you.

Click to download the cheat sheet.

Step 2: Guidelines & Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't verified your deadlines, please go back to "Step 1"

Once you've verified that your funding request can be fulfilled within the proper deadlines (according to the cheat sheet), please read through the RISO Funding Guidelines and make sure you fill out the Checklist. Go through the entire packet! Once you've done so please contact our RISO Chairperson. The RISO Chairperson can give you more details regarding RISO funding through UHHSA and can answer questions regarding this portion of the process.

Click to download the RISO funding guidlines and checklist.

Click to download the RISO service hours time log.

Step 3: UHHSA Senate Bill

The next thing you need to have completed is an UHHSA Senate Bill. The template of the bill is available below, but you need to contact an UHHSA senate member to advocate for your request and help you compose a bill. A bill is a proposal or request to the senate to be voted upon in order to become an act of the senate. In this case, the bill or proposal is your funding request to be made into an act of purchasing items for your program/project/event. Below are links to both the "Senate Contact" page and the "senate bill template."

PLEASE NOTE: The senate member who advocates for you can be any senator except the President. Once a senator agrees to advocate for your bill, they are charged with the responsibility of seeing the bill through to completion. Completion means all the way through until your RISO receives the items requested in the proposal.

Click for senate contact page

Click for senate bill template (new updated 2-19-09)

Step 4: UHHSA Senate Approval

As soon as all of the RISO paperwork is done and senate bill is filled out and completed, your RISO will need to send a representative to attend an UHHSA full senate meeting. These meetings are bi-weekly (2nd & 4th weeks of every month). Based on all of your paperwork and mostly how your request benefits UH Hilo students, your request will be discussed and voted upon. UHHSA policy is to have funding request presented at a planning meeting (1st & 3rd weeks of every month) and voted at the next week's meeting to give time to deliberate on all requests. Please call UHHSA to find out when the most current meeting times are if there is an uncertainty.

For further questions or kokua (help) regarding all RISO funding requests, please don't hesitate to contact us or schedule a meeting with any of our senators to assist with this process. Mahalo for your determination and good luck with your funding endeavors!

Step 5: Applicable Paperwork

Once your bill has been approved that's only a beginning step, you must ask yourself, "What exactly is my RISO asking funding for?"

  • Will you have food at your event?
  • Do you have anyone travelling interisland? out of state?
  • Does my event require entertainment? maybe a band? or guest speaker?

These are just a few examples of what kind of questions you will really need to ask yourself in order to determine what forms you will need to have filled out to be elligible for UHHSA funding. All of this applicable paperwork must be filled out in full, with applicable signatures, by the same deadlines described in "step 2." Please refer to the Campus Center "cheat sheet" and look under "Required Document(s)" to see what you'll need to fill out based on your funding request. Below are the links to the forms you will need to complete your request.

Click to download cheat sheet.

In the RISO Cheat Sheet you will also notice that there are certain requests that require a "flyer" or a "letter of invite." Here are descriptions below to give you more information about these two documents.

Flyers: Usually every program/project/event have flyers made up, but in the event there isn't one, you'll still need some form of a flyer to be attached to your paperwork. All you need to do is make up a small poster (8 1/2'' x 11'') that features: the name of your program/project/event, the name of your RISO, where, when, who is sponsoring the event, and some details about the program/project/event. It doesn't need to be fancy. Just for the sake of paperwork, you'll need to have something drawn up with these details attached to the rest of your paperwork.

Letter of Invite: A "letter of invite" is only for entertainment or individual service requests. This is basically just a letter that cordially invites your performers or guests to your RISOs program/project/event. See the link just below this description for an example of what a "letter of invite" should look like.

Click to download letter of invite example.

Confirmations: If UHHSA decides to fund a RISO's hotel stay or car rental, you will need to get confirmation numbers. UHHSA can only pay vendors who can accept a Purchase Order (P.O.). If they can't you will need to find another vendor/company. For vendors who do take Purchase Orders, you need to call and make a reservation for either hotel/car rental and get confirmation information to add to applicable paperwork.

Travelling UH Hilo Employees?: One more really important question for travel requests is, "Do I have any UH Hilo employees I'm planning on paying for with this funding request?" This counts for both instructors/professors and student employees. If the answer to this question is yes, then there is additional paperwork to be processed. Please mention this detail to your advocating senator to prevent backed up paperwork and delays.


Step 6: Request To Purchase (RTP)

Once you've gotten all your applicable paperwork in order, the most important form that needs to be filled out the the "request to purchase" form, also just called an RTP. Described below is a description of the required fields. Either fill it out with the workable .pdf or just print it out and write legibly.

  1. Date
  2. Vendor: What company do you want to purchase from? (ex. Office-Max, Wal-mart, Amazon.com)
  3. Phone: Vendor's phone number, not your phone number!
  4. Website Address & Address: Does your vendor have a website where it references your purchase?
  5. Event & Event Date: Is your purchase for the purpose of an event? if so, please mention it and when.
  6. Please fill out the QTY (quantity), Description, Amount, & Total portion of the table as well. (ex. QTY: 2, Description: Hawaiian Airlines Tickets to O'ahu, Amount: $250.35, Total: $500.70)

For official use only:

  • Requestor
  • Req#
  • PO/P-Card
  • Business Manager Signature
  • Item#, Sub-code, Allotment

Click to download request to purchase (RTP) form (PDF)

or request to purchae form (XLS).

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