Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO) Contacts: 08-09

Welcome to the RISO contacts page. Here are the list of currently registered organizations for the current year and their primary contacts. Please visit our site for updates which can occur at anytime throughout the year.

Agriculture Club

President: Denna Macanas;

Advisor: Arnold Miyasaki;

Asian Culture Association

President: Akino Ishii;

Advisor: Jessica Skyles-Kaipo;

Anthropology Club at UHH

President: Talon Kesher;

Advisor: Fiona Mc Cormack;

Baptist Collegiate Ministry

President:Jennifer Camacho;

Advisor: Cecilia Mukai;

Bayanihan Club

President:Cecily Ballio;

Advisor: William Concepcion;

Big Island Capoeira Angola (BISA)

President:Calvin Luscombe;

Advisor: Jon-Pierre Michaud;

Big Island Catholic Campus Ministry

President: Joseph O'Connell;

Advisor: James Cromwell;

Big Island Tai Chi and Qigong (BITQ)

President: Calvin Luscombe;

Advisor: Jon-Pierre Michared;

Biological Society at UHH

President: John "Jack" Freitas;

Advisor: Cedric Muir;

BSN Ohana Class of 2009

President: Amy Horwitz;

Advisor: Katharyn Daub;

Club Futsal

President: Mackenzie Blanchard;

Advisor: Michael Marshall;

Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu Club

President: Travis Prose;

Advisor: Curtis Nishioka;

Freedom Equality Movement (FEM)

President: Diveena Marcus;

Advisor: Amy Gregg;

Geology Club

President: Chris Hames;

Advisor :Steve Lundblad;

Global H.O.P.E.

President: Jennifer Ruggles;

Advisor: Noelie Rodriguez;

History Club

President: Jacob Otwell;

Advisor: Michael Skinner;


President: Lehuanani Waipa AhNee;

Advisor: Alton Okinaka;

International Student Association

President: Kohei Miyagi;

Advisor: Ruth Robison; rrobison@hawaii.ed

Keaomalamalama Hawaiian Club

President: Thomas Lum Jr.;

Advisor:Kanoe Wilson;

Lambda Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi

President: Kelli Makino;

Advisor: Harry Hennessey;

Latter Day Saints STudent ORganization (LDSSA)

President: Desiree "'U'ilani" Wallace;

Advisor: Kali Fernantez;

Marine Mammal Club

President: Julien Christopher;

Advisor: Jason Turner;

Marshallese "Iakwe" Club

President: Junior Aini;

Advisor: Enbao Wang;

Ngelekel Belau

President: Brent Ueki;

Advisor: Barbara Heintz;

Out of the Box Theatre Company

President: Katie Lambert;

Advisor: Jackie Johnson;

People Ethically Acting for a Cruelty-Free Environment (P.E.A.C.E.)

President: Gwendolyn Mathera;

Advisor: Todd Belt;

Political Science Club

President: Tyler Alexander;

Advisor:Todd Belt;

Pride Hilo

President: Eward Johns;

President: Ann Uland;

Advisor: Misaki Takabayashi;

Advisor: Denise Luker;

Pulse-Women's Dance Group

President: Jean Klewitz;

Advisor: Annie Bunker;

Rotaract Club of East Hawaii

President: Eslyn Kaltongga;

Advisor: A.D. Castberg;

Sociology Club

President: Marita Bradley;

Advisor: Alton Okinaka;

Student Art Association

President: Karrieanne Turvey;

Advisor:Andrew Grabar;


President: Nancy Chaney;

Advisor: MIsaki Takabayashi;

The Underbed Assocation

President: Tristan Mathers;

Advisor: Jackie Johsnson;

Tupulaga O Samoa Mo A Taeao

President: Lehuanani Waipa AhNee;

Advisor: Alton Okinaka;

Turtle Stranding Club

President:Julien Christopher;

Advisor: MIsaki Takabayashi;

Work Hard/Play Hard

President: George Bezilla;

Advisor: Maikalani Glendin-Baclig;

Yoga Meditation Hawaii

President: Anjali McGuire;

Advisor: John Scott;

If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact Campus Center at 974-7499.

Updated: November 17, 2008


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