Records: Senate Minutes & Senate Bills

Senate Minutes: UHHSA 2008-2009

Here are all the minutes or official written record of the UHHSA full senate meetings. Minutes are approved bi-weekly by the senate and used as official documentation for fiscal paperwork. As long as they are approved, the minutes are posted bi-weekly as well. The senate doesn't entertain guest presentations during Senate meetings. Senate meetings take place every 2nd and 4th week of every month.

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Planning Meeting Notes

The Planning Meeting Notes are just a record of what topics were discussed. These planning meetings are a way for the UHHSA Senate to take time and discuss as a whole, UHHSA business completely and as accurately as possible. Voting can occur but this meeting is intended more for discussion. Planning meetings take place every 1st and 3rd weeks of every month.

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Senate Bills

The senate bills are also posted here, but not weekly, rather on an as-need basis. Only once they're approved and voted into becoming an act of the senate they are posted here, without the official signatures of the President and Data Director.

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All documents are in PDF format.

The numbers represent the year and the meeting number/senate bill number.

RP = Request to Purchase

PSA = Pending Senate Approval

RFR = RISO Funding Request

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All minutes & senate bills will be updated weekly as they are discussed and approved each week at our senate meetings.