Projects & General Information: 08-09

Here is all of the projects that UHHSA will be working on throughout the year. These projects are of huge interest to UHHSA because it has been expressed that these are projects of great importance to fellow students. These projects are subject to change and it is encouraged that this page be visited regularly to check for updates.


1) Ho'olaule'a

2) Oh Hell Study Hall Week

For those who are not familiar, Oh Hell Study Week is a time after hours where students can study on campus during the entire week before finals week. From Sunday to Saturday UHHSA and other CSOs's provide snacks and drinks for students during this study time. Please notice, that traditionally Oh Hell Study time goes from 10pm - 6am, but because UHHSA is trying something new this semester, the new study time is from 10pm - 2am. If there is any questions or concerns about this change, or Oh Hell in general, please email the the senate and/or it's senators. We understand that if students of Oh Hell do not find this change satisfactory, we will consider revising the study time for the Spring 2009 semester. (Downloadable pdf)


3) Commencement Reception

4) Hunger Banquet:


For more information please contact:

Brooke Brown
Student Service Corps Coordinator
University of Hawai'i at Hilo
Campus Center Room 316
Hilo, HI 96720

5) Make A Difference Day (MaDD):


For more information please contact:

Brooke Brown
Student Service Corps Coordinator
University of Hawai'i at Hilo
Campus Center Room 316
Hilo, HI 96720

6) Housing: Thanksgiving Dinner & Midnight Breakfast

(information & flyers to follow)

link to senate bills (08-017)

& senate bill (08-019)


7) RISO: Work Hard, Play Hard

UHHSA Guidlines & Request (pdf)



link to senate bill (08-026)


8) RISO: Keaomalamalama; Eia Hawaii Series

These presentations are a collaboration of Kamehameha Investment Corp., Kohala Center, University of Hawai’i at Hilo’s Kipuka Native Hawaiian Student Center, Keaomalamalama Hawaiian Club at UHH, and UHHSA.

The much anticipated Eia Hawai’i lecture series is finally kicking off its first lecture next week Monday September 29, 2008. This year’s theme is Environmental Kinship. To celebrate this theme we begin our series with a presentation by Chadd Paishon, Navigator of Makali’i and Na Kalai Wa’a, and Mahealani Pai, Cultural Specialist for Kamehameha Investment Corp., will present on this very topic of Environmental Kinship. Come and join us at UCB 127, noon for our first presentation of many to come.


link to senate bill (08-012)


9) RISO: Capoeira Club

Afro Brazilian Culural Arts Festival


link to senate bill (08-016)


UHH Information

1) Center For Global Education & Exchange

UH Hilo’s Center for Global Education and Exchange provides opportunities for student and faculty exchange, and study abroad programs for UHH students. The Center also develops international agreements with other institutions of higher education and promotes internationalization and global awareness on the UHH campus. How Do I Apply For Study Abroad?

2) Pick-a-Prof

"Updated 12/03" Pick-a-Prof is a website where you can "grade" your professors! Check out the UH Hilo Pick-a-Prof URL: and find out how other students feel about their professors class performance.

3) University Radio Hilo

"Updated 11/24" University Radio Hilo has been an online and AM radio station for the past few years.  In October 2007, URH filed an application with the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) to achieve FM status.  We now have three years to raise the funds to purchase an antennae. This antennae will allow URH and UH Hilo to broadcast over the FM waves from Laupahoehoe to Volocano.

4) Food Service Contract

"Updated 11/24" In December of 2008 the current campus Food Service Contract will be expiring.  UHHSA is communicating with students to find out what is wanted in our campus Food Service Contract. UHHSA has also created a Food Service Committee dedicated towards gathering input from the student body and relaying it to the Vice Chancellors Food Service Committee. At 1:00 pm on Wednesdays students are gathering to discuss this contract and other food related issues on campus and in the community. Discussions are held on the lawn in front of the Library Lanai.

5) Sustainable Campus

"Updated 11/24" UHHSA acknowledges the need to promote a sustainable and energy independant campus.  We are working with UH-Hilo administrators to make sure that we move toward that goal. UHHSA purchased the materials to construct wire recycling bins all over campus. We plan to have them maintained by RISO's on campus for fundraising purposes. For more information please contact us via email, phone or stop by the office.

6) Financial Aide Director

The UH Hilo Financial Aide Director, Jeff Scofield asks, "What do the students of UH Hilo think about Fiancial Aide?" Please email Jeff any responses to this question and he will get back to you.

7) UARC/ARL Navy Contract

How do you feel about the United States Military being a part of the University of Hawai'i System? The Board of Regents vote was in favor of UARC/ARL 7-1-1. (Seven in favor, one opposition, and one abstained) Here are a couple of websites that do have information regarding UARC/ARL.


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UHHSA Information

1) Weekly Meetings

"Updated 09-25-08" As of now, the UHHSA full senate meetings are held at 5:00pm at the Campus Center 2nd Floor Lobby. If you'd like to just hang out and see what we do, please stop by. All of our full senate meetings are open forum to all students.

2) Volunteers

"Updated 05-07-08" UHHSA is working on getting the resources to get volunteers to help out with committees. Committees are being formed now to deal with campus issues and UHHSA will need fellow students to help see that these committees are successful in getting things done for our campus. As our new senate is still getting started, it maybe sometime mid-summer when we will begin accepting applications and actually begin meeting with committees. Please stay familiar with the website as updates will be addes throughout the summer and regarding much information about the upcoming semester.

3) Office Hours

"Updated 05-07-08" Currently UHHSA is in the transtition of old to new senate. As soon as we set up our first senate meeting and begin accepting applications for the vacant senator positions we will get our revised office hours posted. Until then we apologize for the inconvenience.

4) Faculty & Administration

UHHSA regularly meets with the university faculty and administration.  We represent you and are your voice that reaches them. UHHSA has a budget from your student fees and would like to know how you would like to see them utilized. We are dedicated to helping make your experience here at UH Hilo the best it could possibly be. Most of the events, facilities & programs on campus are paid for through student fees. We want to make sure you all know this so that you can get the most bang for your buck. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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