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E Komo Mai! Your student government would just like to say Aloha and we're proud to have you as a part of our campus! You come first! We are here to help you with anything you might need to make your UH Hilo experience the best it can be. When you are a part of this University you are a part of UHHSA. We hope to see you soon!!

Elections Season Continues! (03-20-09)

Elections packets have been submitted. Thank you to all those who participated, either by filling out and completing an election packet or signing an UHHSA 09-10 nominees packet for support. Please stay up to date with the Elections Timeline as it may be updated throughout elections season. Here is our most current download of the Elections Timeline in PDF format. Good luck to all the nominees and don't hesitate to contact UHHSA for more information as Elections progress. Aloha!

UHHSA Budget Amendments (03-10-09)

Here's the UHHSA Budget as of this upcoming year. We've just amended several changes to the budget. You can also download what changes were made in the minutes of this budget approval. It's still always open to amendments and reapproriation of money. Please feel free to give UHHSA suggestions on how you'd like to see these student fees spent. As you may have seen on the Plaza, "We have money! Give us ideas!" Here's the copy of the budget in pdf format:

UHHSA Signed Budget

1) Download JPEG

2) Download PDF (Vertical View)

3) Download PDF (Horizontal View)

4) Download PDF Signed Budget Minutes

UHHSA Budget Amendment

1) Download PDF

2) Download PDF Amended Budget Minutes

UHHSA Meeting Schedule (03-11-09)

The UHHSA meeting schedule has been changed for the Spring 09 Semester. The 1st and 3rd weeks of every month will be for UHHSA Planning Meetings. Planning meetings are primarily for guest presentations and discussion. Voting may occur, but it is encouraged to be kept for the Senate meetings. Guests and presenters may request funding on these days and will be voted on at the next following UHHSA Senate Meeting. Advocating senators may present a bill representing an organization at a planning meeting, but guest presentations are only allowed during planning meetings.

The UHHSA Senate Meetings are scheduled for every 2nd and 4th weeks of every month. These meetings are for voting on fiscal bills, committee reports, executive reports and other UHHSA business that requires affirmative action. Guest presentations are not allowed during these meetings. Guests are invited to present at the scheduled planning meetings.

Both of these meetings records can be found on the UHHSA "records" page.

UH Hilo hosting UH Student Caucus Meeting (01-27-09)

February 14th is the date set for UHSC to visit UH Hilo and have their monthly meeting. UHHSA will be coordinating accomodations to host the various visitors from the neighboring islands, representing our fellow UH system community colleges and universities. For more information about the UH Student Caucus, please visit their website: www.hawaii.edu/uhsc.

RISO Contacts have been updated! (Updated 11-17-08)

Check out the RISO contacts page. These are the most current registered organizations up to date. If you'd like to register a new organization, here's the place to go: visit the Campus Center website. Keep in mind that organinzations cannot request funding from any Chartered Student Organizations (CSO's) like UHHSA, until you become officially registered. We hope you'll check it out and make your RISO official

UHH Facilities Update

Click a link below to view a.pdf of our most current facilities update. Theses updates are courtesy of our Vice-Chancellor Dr. Debra Fitzsimons. Please take a look at the updates as it will give you an idea of all the new facilitites and rennovations being made to benefit our campus.

09-22-08 Update

04-28-08 Update

Emergency Text Message Notification System

You will receive a text message as soon as an emergency is reported on your campus or in your campus’ immediate area. You will NOT receive general alerts or information; it will be used for emergencies only. For information, go to www.hawaii.edu/emergency to sign up ASAP.

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