Committees: UHHSA 2008-2009

The committees are designed to help address and resolve specific issues of interest at UH Hilo.  Standing Committees are permanent committees specializing in the consideration of particular subject areas of interest that the senate deems important based on student input. Ad-Hoc Committees are created throughout the year for a specific purpose, case, or situation at hand. Currently these committees are not active yet but will be soon. Please stay in contact with us through the UHHSA website for updates and details.

Standing Committees

The Campus Facilities and Services Committees

Chair: (N/A)

The purpose of this committee is to

  1. find out what students would like to see happen on campus
  2. learn what improvements need to be done and help to develop the facilities on the UH Hilo campus
  3. maintain awareness of the services offered at UH Hilo
  4. become aware of students’ needs and take action towards implementation


Office Maintenance Committee

Chair: Senator @ Larg E "Liz" abeth Brown

This committee

  1. maintains UHHSA office
  2. keeps track of office supplies and electronics
  3. maintains office supply list to submit to treasurer before each applicable supply run
  4. help keep the office in workable and organized order


Public Relations Committee

Chair: N/A

This committee is responsible for

  1. the creation information centers around campus where students can access information about UHHSA
  2. oversee all official communications reflecting UHHSA
  3. creating informative and promotional materials about UHHSA
  4. communicating with committees, faculty, staff & any pertinent organizations for UHHSA business


Sustainability Committee

Chair: Executive Senator Ryan Peters

This Committee Shall:

  1. advocate and promote for a more sustainable campus
  2. work with organizations to promote sustainability system wide
  3. network with other organizations to promote sustainability


RISO Committee

Chair: KCHL Senator U'ilani Wallace

This Committee Shall:

  1. keep in contact via email or telephone with RISOs
  2. keep them up to date with UHHSA events in order to recruit volunteers
  3. coordinate with Oh Hell Committee to foster participation from other students/organizations for this event
  4. keep clear records of all RISOs that have been supported by UHHSA (either fiscally or non-fiscally)


Oh Hell Committee

Chair: N/A

This Committee Shall:

  1. organize UHHSA Senate members accordingly throughout the entire week of Oh Hell
  2. determine what kind of and how much food to distribute to students throughout the entire week of Oh Hell
  3. reserve computer labs and study areas for students to help them prepare for finals after regular lab and library hours
  4. coordinate with RISO Committee to foster participation from other students/organizations for this event
  5. make sure to promote the Oh Hell study week efficiently to the Universities population of students


Elections Committee

Chair: N/A

(target time of formation: Janurary 2009)


Legislature Committee

Chair: N/A

(target time of formation: Winter Break 2008)


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Ad-Hoc Committees

Peace Day Committee

Chair: Former Senator @ Large Gregory Conner

Committee Created on: September 10, 2008

This Committee Shall:

  1. be responsible for the planning of the peace day gathering on September 22, 2008 to help celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace, officially on Sunday September 21, 2008.
  2. organize all the logistics for the event and work to get speakers and food for students at this event


Voting Registration Committee

Chair: Senator @ Large E "Liz" abeth Brown

Committee Created on: September 22, 2008

This Committee Shall:

  1. be responsible for helping students become aware of how to register for voting
  2. help make available the resources to properly register
  3. provide students with any other additional information required to know how to register and vote


Adventure Race Committee

Chair: Senator @ Large Lea Taylor

(Committee guidelines to be determined)


Ho'olaulea Committee

Representatives: Vice President Jesse Potter & Senator @ Large Lea Taylor

This Committee Shall:

  1. be the liaison between UHHSA and the Main Ho'olaulea Committee
  2. report any and all information regarding Ho'olaulea to the senate


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