UHHSA 2007-2008 Senate

Every student at UH Hilo is a member of UHHSA.  The UHHSA Senate represents each and every one of these members.  The Senate advocates a more fulfilling experience for all students here at UH Hilo.

President: Lani Thur-Fine


Hey Hey
My name’s Lani Dawn Thur-Fine, and I am sitting in the President seat of the 07-08 UHHSA. I have created my own liberal studies program, pursuing a B.A. in the Psychology of Communication through Dance. I am participating in UHHSA bring about strategic changes that will enhance our time spent here at UH Hilo. This is my fourth year here at UH Hilo. I was born and grown in the Rocky Mountains of Missoula, Montana. I love to be outside and have a close relationship with the sun. I am prone to dance, sing, and be full of bubbly joy at any given moment.


Email: thurfine@hawaii.edu


Treasurer: Georgia Pinsky


My name is Georgia Amber Pinsky and I have a double major in Communication and Performing Arts; Drama. I am the Treasurer for the 07-08 UHHSA senate. My time and energy here on UHHSA benefits every single other student at UHH. This knowledge leaves me with a huge sense of accomplishment and pride as we do good things. I was born and raised on the island of Maui, in the back country. I transferred to UH Hilo from Maui College. I love it here on the East Side of the Big Eye.


Email: pinsky@hawaii.edu


Data Director: Kelson Ho’omano Pakeleho'omano_data_director

Aloha ei body!! I’m a Communication Major and hope to graduate within the year. I’m born and raised in Hilo. I enjoy working with computers and I definitely have a lot of fun with rhetoric! If I ain’t workin’ I like crusin’ wit my friends, jammin’ on the ukulele, and playin’ the occasional video game now and then. Aloha!!


Email: djkeino@gmail.com

Web: http://www.myspace.com/keino


College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management Senator & Executive Senator: Christina Sloss


I'm Christina Sloss, the Senator of the College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management. I work at the college of Ag Farm. I'm a tropical horticulture major from the Chicago land area. I'm currently a senior and I'm interested in sustainability. I also like the moon and swimming and dancing are fun. I'll be sure to give you more information when I think of more.


Email: sloss@hawaii.edu


College of Arts & Science Senator: Jesse Potter


The name is Jesse Keone Potter. I was born in Mountain View just outside of Hilo, grew up on the North and West side of the island, and am loving my time here at UH Hilo. I am a Communications major. Becoming the Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences is a new experience for me, and I am very excited to working for the betterment of our university and the Big Island community as a whole. And if not working or going to school, I'm either playing my guitar, bodyboarding, skateboarding around town, or anything else that gets me going and keeps me centered. Aloha


Email: keone_777@hotmail.com


College of Business & Economics Senator: Paul Ang


My name is Paw. I like to study the different markets of economies around the world. My favorite color is white, just like my Miata. It's kinda jacked up right now but I'm working on fixing it soon. I like to drink water when I'm thirsty. I also love loco mocos with plenty of gravy and eggs. Aloha.


Email: paulang@hawaii.edu


Ka Haka 'Ula O Ke'elikolani College of Hawaiian Language Senator: Tsubasa Yamada


(Web-Blurb to Follow)


Email: tsubasay@hawaii.edu


Senator at Large: Tommy Ramireztommy_senator_at_large

Psychology/Political Science Major

I'm here to improve student social life, create a cohesive student body, as well as to implement environmentally friendly programs. I'm also a DJ and activist.

Email: elduderino94519@yahoo.com


Senator at Large: Agnessa Lundyagnessa_senator_at_large

I'm a senator at large with UHHSA and a Marine Science major at the University of Hawaii at
Hilo. I like to try new things and am always up for a challenge. UHHSA is my

challenge. I am excited to greet the upcoming school year and all the changes that UHHSA07/08 will make. I am an international student from The Bahamas. It’s a long way from home but I like the similar vibe Hilo has to our islands.

Email: agnessa@hawaii.edu


Senator at Large: Rosie Hunerwadelrosie_senator_at_lage

Hey Everyone!

I'm a 20 year old Liberal Studies Major. I was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I love the theatre and traveling is my biggest passion. I'm a really good listener, so come by the office and tell me what you wanna see change around campus. Basically, I'm like the female Superman: mild-mannered, kind, strong, and I love to help others.



Email: frh@hawaii.edu


Senator at Large: Joseph Ito

(Picture to follow)

(Web blurb to follow)


Email: joseph@hawaii.edu


Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Richardsonjenn_faculty_advisor

I am an Assistant Professor in the English Department where I teach courses in rhetoric, composition, and creative writing. My goal is to promote students’ intellectual engagement with texts of all kinds, and to help them become more perceptive readers of and articulate thinkers about rhetoric in their worlds.


Email: jjr@hawaii.edu

Phone: 808-933-3133

Web: http://www.uhh.hawaii.edu/~english/faculty/richardson.html

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