The committees are designed to help address and resolve specific issues of interest at UH Hilo.  These are the current committees as of Summer 2007. Standing Committees are permanent committees specializing in the consideration of particular subject areas of interest that the senate deems important based on student input. Ad-Hoc Committees are created throughout the year for a specific purpose, case, or situation at hand.

Standing Committees

The Campus Facilities and Services Committees

Created On: June 18th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-002

Chair: Georgia Pinsky

The purpose of this committee is to

  1. find out what students would like to see happen on campus
  2. learn what improvements need to be done and help to develop the facilities on the UH Hilo campus
  3. maintain awareness of the services offered at UH Hilo
  4. become aware of students’ needs and take action towards implementation


Office Maintenance Committee

Created On: June 18th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-003

Chair: Georgia Pinsky

This committee

  1. maintains UHHSA office
  2. keeps track of office supplies and electronics


Public Relations Committee

Created On: June 25th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-005

Chair: N/A

This committee is responsible for

  1. the creation information centers around campus where students can access information about UHHSA
  2. oversee all official communications reflecting UHHSA
  3. creating informative and promotional materials about UHHSA
  4. communicating with committees, faculty, staff & any pertinent organizations for UHHSA business


Sustainability Committee

Created On: July 30th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-020

Chair: Christina Sloss

This Committee Shall:

  1. advocate and promote for a more sustainable campus
  2. work with organizations to promote sustainability system wide
  3. network with other organizations to promote sustainability


Elections Committee

(To be formed at the time of Elections season)


Oh Hell Committee

(To be formed at the time of Oh Hell study week)


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Ad-Hoc Committees

Bicycle Committee

Created on: June 25th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-004

Chair: N/A

This committee’s purpose is to

  1. perform surveys on biking matters with students
  2. organize biking events for students and community members (and Fund)
  3. promote bicycle issues on a governmental level
  4. encourage participation of different local, state, & non-profit organizations
  5. promote bike conscious development for the campus & community


Child Care Services Exploratory Committee

Created On: July 23rd, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-012

Chair: N/A

This committee shall:

  1. investigate the possibility of providing UHH students, faculty & staff with quality day-care/preschool/after school services on campus.
  2. examine questions of location, staffing, and economic means of a child-care certified facility UHH.
  3. converse with HawCC on child-care services at the lower campus.
  4. taking steps toward attaining child-care on upper and lower campuses.


Dance Department Studio Space Committee

Created on: October 18th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-049

Chair: Lani Thur-fine

This Committee Shall:

  • Research procedures and means required to attain a proper space for the UH Hilo Dance Department.
  • Work to catalyze the procurement of a proper dance studio space for the UH Hilo Dance Department.


Food Service Committee

Created On: June 25th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-006

Chair: N/A

This committee’ purpose is to

  1. review the current food provider contract with UHH
  2. study food contracts with other universities in an effort to find what works/is available to other campuses
  3. establish what students can do to submit concerns about the current contract, and submit recommendations for the new contract
  4. establish if there is a consensus to request that certain requirements be listed on the requirements for the Request for Proposal organized by Vice Chancellor Bill Chen
  5. submit a list of recommendations for the new contract and present Vice Chancellor Bill Chen and pertinent parties with these recommendations before the end of Fall 2007


Transportation Committee

Created On: December 13, 2008

Senate Bill: 07-076

Chair: Jet Heng

This Committee Shall:

  1. Establish a plan to bring transportation services between HCC, UHH, and the Panaewa Agriculture Farm
  2. Communicate with pertinent people regarding establishing intercampus transportation
  3. Find revenue or revenue sources to fund the service
  4. Follow through with the program to ensure effectiveness and make recommendations accordingly


UHHSA Advocacy Committee

Created On: July 30th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-016

Chair: N/A

The duties and responsibilities of the committee shall be:

  1. to research ways and means to promote UHHSA's interests


URH (University Radio Hilo) Committee

Created On: July 2nd, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-008

Chair: N/A

This committee’ purpose is to

  1. serve as a liaison between UHHSA and URH as well as the Board of Media Broadcasting
  2. determine the most effective ways that UHHSA can support URH
  3. submit bills and legislation to UHHSA relating to URH
  4. network with other organizations to support URH
  5. facilitate URH in moving toward FM status


Website Committee

Created On: June 25th, 2007

Senate Bill: 07-007

Chair: Ho'omano Pakele

This committee:

  1. researches website options
  2. regularly updates website
  3. communicates with senate regarding website
  4. communicates with Public Relations Committee regarding website content

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