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Students must take placement exams in order to register for some classes. A list of placement exams students may need to take is available online at

Writing Placement Exam

Students who do not have an SAT or ACT writing score and have not completed freshman composition/expository writing or the equivalent before coming to UH Hilo must take the Writing Placement Exam.  Results of the exam are posted online in time for students to register for the current or following semester. Registration and result retrieval are available on the WPE webpage:

English Proficiency Exam

All non-native speakers of English must take the English Proficiency Test, given on the first day of advising week each semester. Depending upon their performance in the EPT, students may be required to complete specific courses at the English Language Institute on campus. For details, visit the ELI website at

Math Placement Exam

Students who wish to take 104, 104F, 104G, 115, or 205 and who have not met the prerequisites with college-level coursework or the Hawaii High School Algebra Exit Exam must take the Online Math Placement Exam, available throughout the academic year. Results are given to students immediately in the form of recommendations for specific math courses. For more information about the Math Placement Exam, visit

Chemistry Placement Exam

Students must take the Online Chemistry Placement Exam, available throughout the academic year, in order to register for CHEM 124 or 124L.  For more information, visit

Computer Competency Exam

Students who have been accepted and intend to enroll in Business courses at UH Hilo must pass the Computer Competency Exam before they are able to register for any 300 or 400 level business courses, or QBA 260. For more details, visit the Computer Competency Exam webpage at

Additional information about these tests appears in the university catalog:

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