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Applied Learning Experiences. This program is coordinated by the Office of Applied Learning Experiences (ALEX). Contact Dr. Thomas DeWitt, Associate Professor of Marketing,, (808) 932-7245,

Astronomy 299. Directed Research/Planetarium Research. Contact Dr. Philippe Binder, Professor of Physics,, (808) 932-7196.

Business 400. Internship. 3 cr. Supervised on-the-job experience in the business community. Comprehensive report by students, meeting with faculty advisor, and performance evaluation from employer required. Pre: Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00; compatibility with career interests; pre-approved job placement and internship contract and instructor's consent.

Contact Dr. Kelly Burke, Chair of Business Administration,, (808) 932-7248.

  • Internship Manual. Includes student contract showing time commitment, student responsibilities, and agency responsibilities (Learning Contract, Appendix B)

Marine Science 480. The Marine Science Senior Internship aims to complement the student’s field of study with practical, hands-on experience in a professional setting by developing a series of learning objectives before embarking on the internship, and then compiling supporting evidence and documentation from their work to demonstrate their progress towards those objectives. The course is writing intensive, and involves an oral presentation and written final report debriefing the internship experience. Students are expected to work 165 hours (approximately 15 hours per week for 11-13 weeks to meet the time requirement of the internship, or the work may be condensed into a shorter period), and some of the time commitment may involve work on ancillary projects that enhance and expand the actual internship experience. During the fall semester, coursework associated with the internship focuses on the development of skills and strategies for launching a successful career in marine science; for example, resume and grant writing skills, interview and other communication skills, and workplace ethics.

Pacific Islands Program for Exploring Science (PIPES). Includes the UH Hawaiian Internship Program (UH-HIP), the The Micronesia and American Samoa Student Internship Program (MASSIP), and the Research Experience for Undergraduates: Tropical Conservation Science (REU). Sharon Ziegler-Chong, Director; contact

Political Science Internships. Contact Dr. Todd Belt, Professor of Political Science,, (808) 932-7131.

  • Pols 391 Internship (3-12 cr)Application of knowledge and skills in a public, private, or government agency/setting. A total of 15 credits of POLS 391 and POLS 481 may be applied to the POLS major. Pre: instructor's consent, preapproved placement, statement of learning objectives, and completed internship contract
  • Pols 481 Government Internship (3-15 cr) Juniors and seniors may apply for an internship with the Hawaiʻi County Council or, in the Spring, with the Hawaiʻi State Legislature. Legislative interns receive 15 semester hours of credit and a stipend. May be repeated once for credit, but no more than 15 credits of POLS 481 and/or POLS/SOC 391 shall apply to the major. Pre: instructor's consent.

Psychology Internships.

  1. MA in Counseling Psychology. Contact Dr. Bryan Kim, Professor of Psychology,, (808) 932-7090.
  2. Undergraduate Internships

Sociology 391 (3-12cr). Application of knowledge and skills in a public, private, or government agency/setting. May be taken for at total of 12 credits, only six of which can apply to the Sociology major or three to the minor. Pre: instructors consent, preapproved placement, statement of learning objectives, and completed internship contract. Contact Dr. Thom Curtis, Professor of Sociology,, (808) 932-7120.