Study Abroad Advisors

The Center for Gobal Education and Exchange staff aims to provide quality assistance to students who are interested in applying for study abroad. The staff has made the process for applying for study abroad simple and short so that students would feel engaged to apply for any study abroad program.

Carolina Lam, Director, Global Education

carolina lamGreetings! As an alumni of UH Hilo, I am thrilled and honored to be working at my alma mater in the area of international education. I strongly believe that every one should have an opportunity to go abroad – for a summer, semester or even year! Our office will be happy to assist you in finding the right program for you and with applying for scholarships to go abroad. So, check us out!

Peleiupu "Pele" Thomas, Study Abroad Advisor

peleRegion: Europe, South America, & IEO's

Aloha! I am currently pursuing a BBA in Accounting here at UH Hilo. Education is very important to me and I plan to make the most of it here at UH Hilo. I believe that everyone should make the most of any educational opportunity that they come across and studying abroad is definitely one of them. Come by our office to learn more about this great opportunity!

Kadian Shaw, Study Abroad Advisor

kadianRegion: Oceania, Korea, & Semester at Sea

Aloha everyone. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to learn and try new things. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to expand your world, learn about a new place and see and experience incredible things. Here at UH Hilo we can help you find a study abroad opportunity that is right for you. Please stop by our office for more information about the programs.

Erik Olter, Study Abroad Advisor

erik olterRegion: Japan & China

Seize the opportunity! Study abroad is a an opportunity that all students should take advantage of. I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about studying abroad to puruse this once in a lifetime adventure. Do not hesitate to inquire for more information about our program. We are here to help you explore the world!