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Come and support the Women's Center! We are active in the community and we need the help of people on-campus. Volunteers, interns, and people who wish to see positive Social Change are what we need to help us to achieve our mission of an inclusive environment at UH Hilo.

We depend many volunteers for help at events. If you wish to volunteer your time, please drop by Student Services, Room 224 or just email/call us to let us know how you are interested in contributing to help increase opportunities and education for women or anything that falls in the realm of Social Justice!

There are also employment and internship opportunities:

SECE website for employment

ALEX website or your Internship Coordinator in your area of study

Volunteer Form at our office to become a Permanent Volunteer

This is a great chance to plan and execute a program, create awareness and provide education, connect with others who want to create social change and equality, and just have fun doing it!

Donate to the UH Hilo Women's Center and Give Back

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Donate to the Women's Center

Mahalo for your generosity and support!!