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Ka Lama Ku 2014


"I love my [Peer Assistant], she tries to fit within our schedule our schedule and helps us accordingly to our schedule. My [Peer Assistant] is the best counselor to have." - Pre Nursing

"My [Peer Assistant] helped me out on my FAFSA and she even found a tutor for me for my Biology class." - Pre Nursing

"Great Advisor!" -Pre Nursing

"I really like this PALS Program because it helps me stay focus in school. It is very helpful because it keeps me on track in terms of focusing on what I need to accomplish in order for me to be successful at this University." - General Studies

"I think the program is very impactful. I would suggest reaching out to more freshman students because maybe they are too shy to respond to email or simply meeting with a mentor. I am glad that I was able to get out from my comfort zone and join this program because not that I have learned a lot and I have also grown as a person from this program. " - Business

"Fun and interesting meeting, made use of time and helped just keep mind active without the stress. Thank you!" - Psychology

"It was a great pleasure to have met with my [Peer Assistant] and to have a chance to learn more about the school and its resources." - Pre Nursing