Dania-Maria Klink, Admissions Counselor

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seeking edVenturersDania-Maria Klink

Hometown: Raised in Berlin Germany and born in Wailuku Maui
Degree(s): B.A. Communication and Minor in Linguistics

Office: UH Hilo Student Services Center

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About Dania

My favorite thing about UH Hilo is...
the laid back atmosphere.
My hobbies and interests are...
hanging out with family and friends as well as walking my dog.
I think UH Hilo is a good school because...
it creates an intimate environment, such as small class sizes in which our students can thrive.
If you came to visit my office you would see...
Cat, my office buddy as well as our office snacks.
I like Hilo because...
it is quaint and relaxed.
My favorite thing to do in Hilo is...
check out new restaurants and yelp about them!