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The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo strongly encourages faculty to apply for extramural funding of scholarly and/or creative activities as well as training grants to enhance instructional capabilities. There are diverse international, federal, state, county and private agencies that provide funds for such activities.

Research Corporation of the University of Hawai'i

The Research Corporation of the University of Hawai'i (RCUH) has a Hilo office that obtains information about many grant opportunities, including due dates for receipt of applications, and the office staff will be happy to provide current information to faculty and staff. Faculty members are encouraged to contact the RCUH office with information about their interest areas so the office staff can alert them to grant opportunities. However, the best source of information on funding opportunities will be in newsletters and journals in the faculty member’s subject area or via the Internet.

The Hilo RCUH office is located in the Institute for Astronomy (IfA) building (Kukahau‘ula) on North A‘ohoku Place in the UH Hilo University Park of Science and Technology. For pre-award information (that is, information about how to find grant information and how to apply for grants), please contact Sharyl Kasarskis: 932-7396, kasarski@hawaii.edu). For post-award information (that is, information on how to make purchases, hire personnel, arrange for travel, etc. on grant funds), please contact Paula Gealon: 932-7688, gealon@hawaii.edu.

Important Information for Applicants

Grants are administered by the UH Hilo Office of Research and Economic Development and by the RCUH Office of Research Administration and Project Development (RAPD). Several forms are available for use in preparing proposals for submission.

Prior to Preparing Your Proposal   

Form 5: Intent to Apply. Applicants are required, when starting to prepare a proposal, to submit to UH Hilo administrators and to the RCUH RAPD Office an “Intent to Apply for Funding” form. This form briefly outlines the planned project, to what agency it will be submitted, and estimates of what UH Hilo commitments are requested in terms of monetary costs (e.g., required cost sharing), facility use, and/or personnel. Faculty and staff are encouraged to work with RCUH RAPD staff in completing this and other forms. Form 5 is sent to administrators at UH Hilo, who are then allowed five working days to provide comments or ask questions about the intended proposal. After the five working days have elapsed, if no comments are received, proposers are cleared to proceed with developing their proposals. The proposed budget and any use of university resources and/or cost share should be finalized during the course of the full proposal process.

Form 4: Commitment of Facilities. To be submitted if space and/or other UH Hilo facilities will be required during the performance of the project being proposed.

Form 6: Commitment of Resources. To be submitted if any cost share (cash and/or in-kind) is required for the proposal or if resources other than space are being committed.

myGRANT: As of Feb. 16, 2012, the use of myGRANT will be mandatory for all proposal submissions for all UH campuses. Please note that the new myGRANT system replaces some forms previously used such as the UH Office of Research Services (ORS) Form 5 and RCUH Form 1.

Special Considerations

There is also a required form to be submitted with the grant proposal which outlines monetary and other concerns in a more precise fashion, and also includes questions about use of humans or animals as subjects, and possible hazards associated with the project activities.

The UH System Office of Research Services (ORS) establishes Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) for human studies and animal welfare review and requires that investigators apply for approval from these committees where appropriate. It is the responsibility of the proposing faculty member to secure such reviews in a timely fashion when submitting proposals.

The University of Hawaiʻ System also has an Environmental Health and Safety Office which must approve projects involving the use of potentially hazardous materials.

Faculty must allow time for these reviews to take place. There are additional forms to be filled out when UH Hilo commitments are involved in the projects.

Information about these review processes may be obtained by calling the UH System Office of Research Services at (808) 956-7800. Additional information can be found on the UH System Research website.

No grant proposal may be submitted to an extramural funding agency without the written approval of the Chancellor.


For more information about extramural grants, contact Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Matt Platz. Contact info.