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Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Danzan Ryu JujitsuDanzan Ryu was founded in the 1920’s by Master Henry Okazaki in the Hawaiian Islands. Along with Judo/Jujitsu, Okazaki studied Chinese Kung Fu, Okinawan Karate, Hawaiian Lua and Filipino Escrima. Today, Danzan Ryu is one of the most comprehensive and perfected styles of martial arts in the United States. It includes all the elements of a superior self-defense system as well as a complete system of resuscitation and healing arts.

The Jujitsu Club meets on at the Student Life Center on a weekly basis. Please see the IMUA Fitness Calendar for more information.

Club Officers

President: vacant
Vice-President: vacant
Black Belt Instructor: Travis Prose; tprose2000@gmail.com
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: vacant

See the IMUA Fitness Class Schedule.

If you would like to start a sport club, please contact Mackenzie Slayton at mackenzie.slayton@hawaii.edu