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The research component of the Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC) is designed to enable focused, in-depth, longitudinal studies that will fill a large gap in the higher education resources and literature of the nation. Educational indicators including persistence, degrees awarded, dropout rates and time it takes to complete degrees will be analyzed for Pacific Islanders and Pacific Island subgroups, as well as financial aid indicators (e.g., amounts, types and distribution), pre-college enrollment indicators (e.g., courses taken, entrance and placement test data), social and cultural indicators, and individual characteristics. Throughout the 5-year project we hope to disseminate our findings to stakeholders throughout the Pacific region to help in their college preparatory and educational reform initiatives.

Research Briefs

These research briefs are meant to provide some on-going summary of our findings. They are meant for public viewing only.

For more information on all of our findings, please contact our AANAPISI Researcher, Dr. Denise Uehara (