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Welcome to the Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC), the “home away from home” for students at UH Hilo from the Pacific Island regions Samoa, RMI, FSM, Palau, Guam, CNMI, as well as students of Pacific islander ethnicities who are US citizens, US nationals, or permanent residents who grew up outside of the islands. We have a team that oversees the services, programs, and resources to facilitate your success. We hope to see you at any of our upcoming events.

Featured News

Summer Bridge - Navigating College Success

PISB 2013

All newly accepted Pacific Islander students are invited to apply to join the summer bridge program. Participants will live in the dorms for 9 days with new students from throughout the Pacific Islands including American Samoa, CNMI, FSM, Guam, Marshall Islands, and Palau and undergo a program of preparation for success in college. All you have to do is pay for your airfare to Hilo, arrive two weeks prior to the start of classes and we'll take care of the rest. Participants who successfully complete the program will be given a $300 stipend. >> Read more

Tutors-on-Demand (TOD)

Need the extra help in math, writing, a business class, but can't seem to find the time to go over to the Kilohana Academic Success Center in the basement of the library for their walk-in tutoring services? Or do you feel more comfortable meeting with a fellow Pacific Islander tutor? The PISC has launched an Academic Success Team comprising of highly successful Pacific Islander students who serve as tutors to work specifically with Pacific Islander students who need th help. Anyone interested in accessing a TOD tutor must first sign up using the online form. We will connect you with the right tutor once you've been approved for the service. >>Read more

Need a Job?

The Pacific Islander Student Center is provides funding for a limited number of “high impact” jobs on campus for students of Pacific island ethncity with high financial need and academic qualifications. Students can work in various departments at the UH Hilo campus including the Student Life Center, Admissions, Financial Aid, Library, Athletics, Health & Wellness Program, Minority Access, Study Abroad among others.>> Read more


Do you have papers that you need to print? What about notes from your class? Perhaps you want to print some handouts or your club's agenda. Announcing the launch of the Participation Incentive Free Printing Card (aka P-Card). As an incentive to engage in your own success and our communal success, we will be offering the P-Card to Pacific Islander students who participate in our PISC-sponsored programs and services. The P-Cards are worth anywhere from 300 pages of free printing to 20 pages. Anyone interested in earning points for a P-Card need to pre-register online using our simple.>>Read more


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