Freshmen Village

There are still a few spots open in the Natural Science Community. If you're interested and eligible complete your application and let us know!

What is The Freshmen Village?

Freshmen Village is a living learning community where first year students with a shared interest live together in one of our residence halls. They take a shared class together and have an amazing outside-of-the-classroom experience focused around that particular theme or interest. These communities are all designed to support the academic success of our students, help students make friends, and ultimately graduate and become a successful member of the global community. The Freshmen Village program is an outstanding way in which the University of Hawai'i at Hilo is supporting the success of our newest students.

What are the benefits of joining the Freshmen Village?

campusResearch shows that students who get involved in living learning communities like the Freshmen Village are more likely to:

  • Stay in college
  • Earn a higher GPA
  • Experience a greater degree of satisfaction with their overall college experience

Your experience will be shaped by the community you choose, making your first year at UH Hilo memorable. In your community, you will be surrounded by students who are passionate about your interests, making it easy to make friends fast.

What communities are offered?

There are three Freshmen Village communities being offered this upcoming year:

For more information about each of these communities follow the links above.

healthHealth & Recreation

The Health & Recreation community is ideal for students who share a love of healthy living, outdoors, sports and recreation. It is open to all, regardless of athletic background. This community offers first year students an opportunity to pursue a wellness-focused lifestyle with others who share their passion for balancing nutrition, exercise, and activities. Living and learning with fellow first year students in an environment that promotes wellness in all aspects–physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. Open to students in all prospective majors.

Learn more about the Health & Recreation community


Natural Science

ScienceThe Natural Science community is a specially designed experience for first year students who are interested in the science fields. Although naturally attractive to students with majors in the sciences, this community is open to all with an enthusiasm for the subject. Students participating in this community will have the opportunity to actively observe, experience, and participate in the scientific process. They will share courses with other community members, fostering the formation of friendships and the building of an academic support network.

Learn more about the Natural Science community


ArtsCreative Arts

The Creative Arts community is for students who are passionate about things like design, film, theater, photography, music, dance, and painting. Although you may not be an Art major, you will be part of a small and welcoming community that shares your artistic/creative interests. This community will be a great opportunity to connect with other students in a safe and friendly environment. The Creative Arts community will include courses and activities designed to encourage and support creative interactions among students with a wide variety of majors and interests.

Learn more about the Creative Arts community

How do I pick which Community to join?

Read through the descriptions of each Community. Once you're familiar with them, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

To sign up for a Freshmen Village community simply follow the link which was provided in the email invitation that was sent to you, or Sign Up Online Today!


Step 2

Sign up for University Housing. It's probably pretty obvious, but in order to live on campus in the the Freshmen Village, you need to sign up for University Housing. We can't do this for you, so you'll need to do so as soon as possible. We can't place you into a community before you do, so make this your next step.


Step 3Once you've completed your Freshmen Village application and submitted your University Housing application, we'll contact you and confirm your participation in the Freshmen Village program and let you know which community you'll be in.


Step 4
Move in and have an outstanding Freshmen Year!



Why didn't I get an email invitation?

If you didn't receive an email invitation, it could be for a couple different reasons:

  1. This year one of the shared courses that students will be enrolled in is ENG 100. If you didn't place into ENG 100, or haven't yet taken your English Placement Assessment, you wouldn't have received an invitation.
  2. If you submitted your Letter of Intent after May 12, it may not have been processed yet and therefore we didn't know you were planning on joining us for the Fall semester prior to the email invitations being sent.
  3. Freshmen Village is for freshmen only. If you're a transfer student or a returning student, you are not eligible for this experience.

If you didn't receive an invitation and you think that you should have, Let us know. If there's still space available, we'll work to get you placed into one of the communities.

I have questions... Who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please contact Jake Picus, Associate Director for New Student Programs at:


Phone: (808) 932-7384