Puna lava flow in graphics & maps, last updated Feb. 22, 2015

SURVEY RESULTS Mark Kimura did a survey between October 9-12, 2014. There were 468 valid responses from the online version of the survey and 116 valid responses from the paper version (at Pahoa Community Meeting on 10/9). There were some respondents who do not live in lower Puna but have businesses, properties or job in lower Puna–since Kimura specifically asked those who currently live in lower Puna and those who recently left due to the lava flow, he had to exclude those responses. He may have to consider including them in a future survey. Also, Kimura will not include confidence intervals for every result– “If you’ve taken a stats course, you can estimate it by the sample size, population size and the percentage,” he writes about the survey. “I don’t want to make the picture too messy by adding every technical detail.”

This page has results from the open-ended question about needs. There are more results on following pages.

57 Needs 18
#27 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 23, 2014. Last of the survey results.

All the graphs and open-ended answers can be found here. Kimura says: “You can view it online, download the file, print, share, or whatever way you want to use it. I do not claim copyright of this material, but if you do share, please (add a link to Facebook page). If you modify it, please also mention that you did.”


56 Needs 17
#26 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 26, 2014. Mark Kimura says: “I hope this comment reminds everybody that we all live in the same boat. We do literally live on the same island. And life on the island is a metaphor of the entire planet — we get to vividly experience what it’s like to live within a limited space, limited resources and increasingly shared challenges. And just like the entire world, we are being asked to coexist — among those from different cultures and places because we are in the same boat. All this person is asking for is that awareness, not money, not internet connection, not two-lane paved Chain of Craters Rd, not even mail services. Just some compassion, which doesn’t cost a penny.”


55 Needs 16
#25 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 23, 2014. Security.


54 Needs 15
#24 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 23, 2014. Money, businesses and jobs.


53 Needs 14
#23 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 22, 2014. Mark Kimura says: “Overall, we have a very popular government as far as I could tell from this survey. I didn’t particularly try to pick positive ones for this slide — I only saw 1-2 only mildly frustrated comments about the county in the entire survey result — of course, there are expectations and demands, but nothing really negative. We have many nice and supportive people here in Big Island.”


52 Needs 13
#22 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 22, 2014. Open-ended answers — housing, mortgage, relocation, insurance, etc.


51 Needs 12
#21 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 21, 2014. Roads and transportation.


50 Needs 11
#20 SURVEY RESULTS. Oct. 21, 2014. Roads and transportation.