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November 10, 2014

2014-11-10 MP3 file

This is the UH Hilo report; news about people, events and programs at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo.

The Political Science Department is accepting applications from students interested in studying politics at the local, national, and international levels. Students can choose among four undergraduate programs, including the Political Science Major and Minor, the Administration of Justice Major and the International Studies Certificate.

Classes are small and focused on critical thinking, civic engagement and social justice as students and faculty examine how cultural, economic, and legal forces affect political change.

The faculty includes leading academics and researchers with expertise
in areas ranging from domestic policy, to geopolitical conflicts, international laws and treaties, and political ideologies.

Political Science graduates can be found in leadership positions in government, education, law enforcement and public service as well as careers involving post-graduate education and law school.

For more news about the University, visit That’s the UH Hilo Report. I’m Ken Hupp.

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