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FROGZ invades Theatre on January 18

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Date: Thursday, January 9, 2003
Contact: Larry Joseph, (808) 933-0881

For Immediate Release

Come see for yourself what the New York Times called "...a madcap revue". IMAGO, the theatre mask ensemble, will be presenting their unique and nationally known show FROGZ at the University of Hawai`i at Hilo Theatre on Saturday, January 18 at 7:30 p.m. Advance tickets, priced at $25.00 general, $22.00 seniors and $12.00 youth/children, are available at CD Wizard, online at or by calling the Theatre at 974-7310.

FROGZ is the production that made IMAGO known worldwide. The show has appeared on television specials, on stages in practically every city and town in Oregon, through all 50 states and three continents. It began in 1979 when Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouawad began to collaborate and combine their skills and interest in visual and performing arts.

With a frog the size of a grown man and lizards the length of two, FROGZ turns the world upside down and inside out with fantastical illusions that explore the absurd nature of the world. Triffle and Mouawad designed a number of clever vignettes that move sinuously from screwball comedy to high drama to abstract movement and back. Without spoken text, each piece is performed by the five-member cast to a diverse soundscape composed by Katie Griesar, influenced by silent movies and circus melodies.

Why is FROGZ IMAGO's most popular production? Why is a show that combines amphibians with abstract shapes such a worldwide hit? Mouawad says, "It's vaudeville. I saw a movie in which a depressed suicidal comic-tragic character went to a Marx Brothers film and from laughing at the Marx Brothers he reawakened to the whimsy and lighter side of life. It changed his life and he was able to return to his tragic laden world. Comedy, especially physical comedy, is reawakening. It reawakens our bodies to a giggly, uplifting sensation. A physical connection between performer and the audience can be delightful and life altering. Seeing the finest of physical and clown theatre has changed my own life."

It is this "other world" that draws the masses to this acclaimed production and why it appeals to such a wide age range. This pretend-yet-real other world is something all humans, each and every one, no matter how old or different, strive to enter.

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