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Int'l Palm Society visits UH Hilo gardens

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Date: Friday, May 28, 2004
Contact: Dr. Don Hemmes, 974-7363

For Immediate Release

Intl Palm Society visits UH Hilo gardens

Over 200 members of the International Palm Society from 24 different countries, from Uruguay to South Africa, toured the University of Hawai`i at Hilo Botanical Gardens this past May. The participants remarked that some of the rare cycads in the UH Hilo gardens were the best examples of the species they have ever seen, an attribute of the rain, then bright sunshine, characteristic of Hilo weather.

Dr. Don Hemmes of the Biology Department guided four separate tours of the gardens and made contacts with directors of many of the major botanical gardens around the world who offered to support the gardens with grants and plant donations.

The International Palm Society donated a complete set of their journal Principes to the University library system and donated $3,000 to the local chapter of the Hawai`i Island Palm Society to promote the planting of palms at the Zoo and the University.

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