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  1. There's Something About Campus SecurityNew uniforms raise eyebrows News Writer Lexi Smiley Photographer Adrienne Gurbindo Many students
  2. The Circus Is In TownWhere are these clowns coming from? News Writer Lexi Smiley For some, Halloween seems to
  3. Rebuilding Democracymaelstrom of controversies, from “alternative facts” to “fake news,” “rigged” elections to email scandals, climate change denial
  4. Ke Kalahea's Impact On Valerie FrankHilo alumna takes a look back at ‘Vulcan News’ News Writer Gina Selig Photographer Tiffany Erickson “Working
  5. Trump Or Nah?Students have mixed feelings about the 45th president News Writer Lexi Smiley Graphics/Comic Artist Tiffany Erickson “I
  6. Vulcans Welcome LGBTQ+ CenterCoordinator Laura Sherwood outlines her mission News Writer Valentina Martinez Photographer Elizabeth Lough Laura Sherwood
  7. Ghosts of Hiroshimaset to debut, overseen by longtime Drama professor News Writer Nick Carrion Photographer Elizabeth Lough Jacquelyn “Jackie”
  8. Editorial: Field of NightmaresVulcan Soccer deserves better playing conditions News Writer Lexi Smiley Photographer Elizabeth Lough “The practice
  9. Programmers of UH HiloLocal team competes in international competition News Writer Nick Carrion Photographer Bryson Fung This month,
  10. UH Commits to Anti-Discrimination Policycontinue Title IX protections in spite of feds News Editor Nick Carrion Photographer Elizabeth Lough One of
  11. Who can access the Student life Center?Students voice support for greater faculty use News Writer Nick Carrion Photographer Elizabeth Lough For many
  12. Living Risky In ParadiseGerald Kosaki’s safety tips for island explorers. News Writer Gina Selig Photographer Zach Gorski “Forty-six percent
  13. UPDATE : Hilo Gets a New RepresentativeGov. Ige appoints Chris Todd to state House News Editor Nick Carrion Photo courtesy of the Office
  14. Trump vs. Clinton: What to Expectconclude Editor-in-Chief Brian Wild Graphic courtesy of ABC News After months of sticking to grueling campaign schedules
  15. A Closer Look: Eileen O'haraaims for victory in Council District 4 race News Writer Valentina Martinez “One thing that we have
  16. Ho'olaule'a Turns 22Vulcans, community gather for family fun News Writer and Photographer Gina Selig For over two
  17. Hānau ʻO Waiʻōlino: College of Business and Economics gets a New HomeNews Editor: Aspen Mauch Photographers: Zach Gorski and Aspen
  18. Where There's a Wool, There's a Wayfarmer Jan Dean offers insight to CAFNRM students News Writer Nick Carrion Photographer Elizabeth Lough For graduates
  19. UH Hilo Chancellor searchUH President David Lassner meets with students and faculty to discuss the search for the next chancellor…
  20. Editorial: The Origins of Thanksgiving DayWhat are YOU thankful for? News Editor Aspen Mauch Graphic Designer Tiffany Erickson “Thanksgiving,
  21. Politics vs. Policythe issues UH Hilo students care about most? News Writer Gina Selig Graphic Designer Kapua Arsiga With
  22. Budget Cuts at UH HiloCampus leaders hesitant to comment on finances News Editor Aspen Mauch Graphic Designer Tiffany Erickson UH
  23. Rethinking UH Hilo Academicsand Sciences could be split into separate colleges News Editor and Photographer Nick Carrion UH Hilo’s organizational
  24. Behind the Scenes: UH Hilo’s Performing ArtistsNews Writer and Photographer Gina Selig Dance is a
  25. Will Students Take A Stand?19.9 percent of 18-to 29-years old cast ballots News Writer Lexi Smiley Graphic Designer Kapua Arsiga “Some
  26. "System Is Broken"Kalbert Young, UH’s chief financial officer, told Hawaii News Now back in February that if any moratorium
  27. Meet the Faculty: Justina MattosEditor in Chief Nick Carrion Photographs by Karlee Oyama With each new semester comes change, and with…
  28. How Safe is UH Hilo?... New Year's EditionWhat newcomers should know about campus safety News Editor Nick Carrion Photographer Sam Clubb Graphics courtesy
  29. UH Hilo and TMT: Part 2Community voices express their opposition to “desecration” News Writer Valentina Martinez Photographer Zach Gorski The complexity
  30. Budget Cuts at UH Hilo: Part 2financial woes have plagued the Student Life Center News Editor Aspen Mauch Photographer Zach Gorski “We’re all
  31. Editorial: I'm A Political Junkie, and I'm Already Over 2016for me. Sure, I still voraciously consume political news on my phone, and I plan to remain
  32. Can Hula and Modern Dance be Mixed?Christopher Morgan on “Pōhaku” News Writer and Photographer Valentina Martinez "… it’s not
  33. Palace Theater Presents: The Rocky Horror Picture ShowNews Writer Gina Selig Photos courtesy of Adrienne Gurbindo
  34. Jill Stein and the Dakota Access PipelineParty candidate adds drama to the 2016 race News Writer: Nick Carrion Photo retrieved from: This
  35. 'Imiloa Turns 11New exhibits and activities introduced in honor of center’s anniversary Science and Travel Writer/Photographer Alyssa Grace “Keiki…
  36. Hawai‘i’s New Neighbor, Papahānaumokuākeaof the marine monument largest of its kind News Writer Gina Selig Photograph by Pascal Erhel Hatuuku
  37. Pride in the Rainbow StateLGBTQ+ Center celebrates first anniversary Staff Writer: Rosannah Gosser Staff Photographer: Elizabeth Lough It’s Friday afternoon on…
  38. The Word of the BirdEditor in Chief Nick Carrion Photographs by Elizabeth Lough When travelling around the island of Hawai’i, our…
  39. UHHSA UpdateUHHSA Update Photographs by Elizabeth Lough Vester “Boomer” Robester, UHHSA President: So this year we’re really excited…
  40. Editorial: Do Our Votes Matter?Not for president or vice president, apparently… Editor-in-Chief Brian Wild Graphic Courtesy of 270toWin The text of…
  41. Astronomy On TapTavern hosting interactive discussion on all things cosmos Science and Travel Writer Alyssa Grace Graphics courtesy of…
  42. Editorial: Venture Big IslandA detailed guide to the Captain Cook hike at Kealakekua Bay Staff Writer Trixie Croad Photos Trixie…
  43. Voting LocalUH Hilo hosts forum with county, state candidates News Writer Valentina Martinez Photographer Elizabeth Lough "If we
  44. Fungus Among Us: Rapid 'Ohi'a DeathPrevention is key, according to UH Hilo alum Science and Travel Writer Alyssa Grace “It’s difficult to…
  45. From College Activism to Public OfficeThe journey of UH Hilo’s Jen Ruggles Contributing Writer: Valentina Martinez Photo courtesy of: “We…
  46. How to Research Climate ChangeMOP students team up with NOAA News Writer Gina Selig Photographer Adrienne Gurbindo “Before the
  47. Editorial: Your Guide To Spring BreakHow students can plan a fulfilling week Science and Travel Writer/Photographer Alyssa Grace Spring Break at UH…
  48. Looking Across the PondInternational students on U.S. elections Science and Travel Writer Alyssa Grace “Basically the whole world is…
  49. Courts in the CommunityContributing writer Holden Chao Photos retrieved from On November 9th the Hawai`i Supreme Court
  50. Editorial: Confessions of a Burned Out Studentmany professional and educational opportunities. Starting as a news writer, I then was promoted to News Editor,
  51. Spring 2017: January 17th Issue 1to providing the UH Hilo community with relevant news, commentary, and more. With 2016 in the rearview
  52. Spring 2017: February 13th Issue 3at least some of the responses to our News Writer, Lexi, who interviewed a variety of students
  53. True Confessions of a UH Hilo StudentAn introduction To News Writer Lexi Smiley, In Her Own Words News
  54. Spring 2017: April 17th Issue 7on and ends on Wednesday, May 3. Our news editor, Nick, recently met with the person in
  55. Fall 2016: November 11th Issue 6more for Student Life Center access than students. News Editor Aspen Mauch, meanwhile, brings us the second
  56. Spring 2017: May 1st Issue 8our last-minute speakers, anchor Keahi Tucker of Hawaii News Now. I’ve included a recap on some of
  57. Fall 2017: September 11th Issue 2important issues here on campus? In this week’s news, a familiar face becomes a new addition to
  58. Fall 2016: October 24th Issue 5at work to provide up-to-date information on campus news and other current events. With Halloween just around
  59. Spring 2017: January 30th Issue 2House, is all but mind-numbing. On this topic, News Writer Lexi Smiley gives us a peek into
  60. Fall 2017: August 28th Issue 1familiar with Ke Kalahea, we are the student-run news publication of UH Hilo. We cover everything from
  61. Recap: 2017 Media Symposiumfind a good story.” – Keahi Tucker, Hawaii News Now Two dozen speakers descended upon UH Hilo’s
  62. A Significant StrideGosser If you’ve been keeping up with the news, the topic of sexual misconduct is anything but
  63. Spring 2017: April 3rd Issue 6opportunity for us to interact with other college news publications, as well as to rub shoulders with
  64. Why Internships Matterlocal, state, and federal government offices. The good news is that at UH Hilo, there are several
  65. Spring 2017: Feb 27 Issue 4stories that need covering, and give you the news from all corners of campus. First on the
  66. Follow Up: Sexual Assualt ReportWhat updates can the authorities provide? News Writer Tenika Toya Photographer Elizabeth Lough As Ke
  67. Regrets and Reflectionsmy dear readers of the whole process on news writing and how difficult it was for me
  68. The Class of 2020Students to Recite Oath of a Pharmacist News Writer Nick Carrion Photos submitted by subjects UH
  69. UHHSA UpdateStaff Writer Rosannah Gosser In the latest news from your student government, UHHSA (University of Hawai`i
  70. Editorial: When Death Strikes...curse, or a blessing? Editor-in-Chief Brian Wild The news no one wants to hear… I still have
  71. UH Hilo and TMT: Part 1Controversy addressed from student perspectives News Writer Valentina Martinez “It would mean something so
  72. Law & Order in the Age of Trump: Part 1ready for Justice Neil Gorsuch? Editor-in-Chief Brian Wild News Writer Gina Selig Photos courtesy of the Associated
  73. UHHSA UpdateStaff Writer Rosannah Gosser The latest news from your student government includes preparations for UH
  74. Pell-Grant-CutsHow will UH Hilo be affected? News Writer Tenika Toya Photographer Zach Gorski “Forty-five percent
  75. Humans of UH HiloNews writer: Heidi Featherstone Photos by: The Humans. One
  76. Fall 2016: November 21st Issue 7up as either Pilgrims or Native Americans. Our news editor, Aspen, provides thoughtful commentary on the meaning
  77. Ask Aunty (Spring 2017, April 17)alcoholic and possibly a drug addict. This is news to me but now I’m contemplating life and
  78. Time For EqualityBlack History Month, as told by Ginger Hamilton News Writer Lexi Smiley Photo courtesy of Ginger Hamilton
  79. What Happened to the Riso Funds?Students still awaiting UHHSA action News Writer Gina Selig As with almost any other
  80. This is not a Drillstay calm and safe. The University of Hawai`i News also sent out an email on Jan. 22
  81. Fall 2016: October 10th Issue 4the release of this riveting story. In other news, tomorrow marks the 28th anniversary of National Coming
  82. A Stamp of Approvalpark recognized in honor of its 100-year anniversary News Editor Nick Carrion Photographer Elizabeth Lough In honor
  83. Spring 2017: March 13 Issue 5to collaborate with and learn from fellow college news publications about how to improve our efforts to
  84. Hawai'i Voters have Spokenby a whopping 72 points. Perhaps the biggest news of the evening was in the ninth state
  85. No One Fights AloneWomen’s soccer rallies behind teammate battling cancer News Writer Lexi Smiley Photos Courtesy of Lindsey Poulsen
  86. Fall 2016: September 26th Issue 3president is almost arrested, that’s going to make news! Speaking of politics, tonight marks a new chapter
  87. Love Is In The Air...?UH Hilo share their feelings about Feb. 14 News Writer Lexi Smiley Graphic Designer Kapua Arsiga “...
  88. Editorial: Net NeutralityFCC's recent action if passed.” This is good news; it means that although the FFC may have
  89. Those who help the SeaMy time at Ke Kai Ola News Writer Gina Selig Photos courtesy of The Marine
  90. Katsu Goto : Murder in Honoka'aStudents reenact a plantation worker’s story News Writer Valentina Martinez Photos Courtesy of Patsy Y.
  91. International Nights 2017Performers wow audience with thrilling spectacle News Writer Gina Selig Photographer Zach Gorski As is
  92. Rocket Sciencewill turn people to more attention to scientific news.” But doesn’t having 81 of them seem a
  93. Danzan in the RainAn evening with UH Hilo’s jiu jitsu club News Writer Nick Carrion Photographer Adrienne Gurbindo Upon arriving
  94. Native and Non-Natives Working Togetherthis species team. Sadly, there is some bad news. DiManno says that there has been an almost
  95. The Bounty of AlohaUH Hilo takes part in statewide food drive News Editor and Photographer Nick Carrion “One in every
  96. Evitadirector Jackie Johnson’s final production at UH Hilo News Editor Nick Carrion Photographer Elizabeth Lough Stone-faced pallbearers
  97. The Future of UH Hilo?saying that “there are two pieces of good news related to that. One is that this is
  98. Showing Your Body Some ALOHAStudent Life Center offers additional fitness, dance classes News Writer and Photographer Gina Selig Graphics/Comic Artist Tiffany
  99. Misconceptions of ProteinExperts seek to correct dietary imbalance News Writers Valentina Martinez Photographer Adrienne Gurbindo “People are
  100. Editorial: Leaving No Trace While You TravelNews Writer Valentina Martinez “Traveling makes one unknowingly produce
  101. Whats The Matter With UhhsaNews Editor Nick Carrion Photographer Zach Gorski The University
  102. Editorial: Cast a Ballot, Not a StoneGranted, there is some validity to what the news brings us. But some of it really seems
  103. The End Of A Fierce Rivalrythe 2017/2018 season. Guillen is sad about the news, but besides the sentimental loss, says there shouldn’t
  104. A Journey Through Ellis IslandWalking in the footsteps of Ruth Salveson News Writer and Photographer Gina Selig While on a
  105. Editorial: My Farewell to UH Hilo(After all, I’ve only been running a school newspaper, not an entire freakin’ country.) Nonetheless, I felt
  106. Law & Order In The Age Of Trump: Part 2Investigating White House ties to Russia News Writer Gina Selig Graphics/Comic Artist Tiffany Erickson Photo