Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?
No! You may drop in anytime the center is open for assistance.
Does the service cost me anything?
No! The service is free of charge and can be utilized by all students enrolled at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.
Will there always be tutors available for my particular course?
The center is always staffed with at least one tutor who can tutor math from level 100 up to Calculus II (Math 206). When available, some tutors can also tutor upper-division math courses. Tutors may also be able to tutor math for some science courses. Check the schedule to see when tutors are available. It is important to know that during peak times the center can get very busy. Thus, you may need to wait for help or work with a group already receiving help, depending upon tutor availability and demand. It's a good idea to plan ahead and make sure you have enough time to use the center and/or wait for a tutor, if necessary.
Will I always get tutored one-on-one?
The availability of one-on-one tutoring depends upon how many other students need tutoring when you come into the center. If the center is very busy, a tutor may choose to form groups with students from the same course. This is often helpful to students because, as part of group, they can help each other learn.
What should I bring with me when I come to the lab?
You should bring pens or pencils, your notebook, your textbook, your calculator, and your "thinking cap." The tutors will challenge you to think and actively participate in the session. Be prepared with specific questions and concepts that are giving you trouble.
I've gotten behind in my work - will a tutor review an entire chapter with me?
Tutors do not teach or review entire chapters for you; it is not their responsibility to teach you or to catch you up. You should come to the center with specific questions or problems from chapters that you find difficult; the tutors will work with you on those.
If I'm doing well in the class, can the Math Center help me do even better?
Absolutely! The Math Center is a learning enhancement center designed to assist both students who are having difficulty in a course as well as those who are doing well but would like to improve their performance. Students doing well may need to fine tune concepts or practice new concepts.
When should I come for tutoring?
Come to tutoring as often as you feel you need to in order to succeed in the course. Students who wait until the last minute to come for tutoring will likely gain little or nothing from the experience. That's because tutoring is a process that enhances a student's understanding over time. It is not a quick fix.
Must I get tutored the entire time I am there?
No. You may come to study quietly and ask tutors questions as you need to if you so desire.
Are there computers in the center? Is there access to MathCad?
Yes. We have a small computer lab equipped with MathCad and MiniTab. You may use the computers at any time during the center hours.