Research at UH Hilo

UH Hilo faculty conduct place-based, applied research and scholarly activity of short- and long- term benefit to the people of Hawai‘i Island and the state. For example:

Some of UH Hilo’s laboratories include:

UH Hilo’s goal is to be a university that promotes economic development by environmentally sound and culturally sensitive stewardship of the island’s many natural resources. The university prepares graduates for career opportunities on Hawai’i Island and is developing a generation of entrepreneurial scientists and engineers who will create careers and opportunities in their own backyard.


The website

Keaohou features the research and scholarly activity at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo. The website, launched in May of 2012, is a project of the UH Hilo Research Office and the Office of the Chancellor.

The name: Keaohou

The Hanakahi Council, an advocacy group for Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) at UH Hilo, named this website Keaohou.

Hou” means “new, fresh, recent” and “ao” means “light, day, daylight, dawn; to dawn, grow light; enlightened; to regain consciousness.” Keaohou literally translates to “new enlightenment,” “new dawning,” or “new consciousness,” and loosely translates to “new knowledge.” The word “ao” also can be closely viewed with the word “a‘o” (with the addition of an ‘okina or glottal stop), the same word for teaching and learning in Hawaiian. It is because of these many layers of meaning that the council chose the name Keaohou to describe the research and scholarly activity at UH Hilo.

For more information about the name for Keaohou, contact Gail Gail Makuakāne-Lundin.