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Check out this short video that explains the US tax system for international students.

All international students on F-1 or J-1 visas who were present in the US during the previous calendar year are required to complete and submit certain tax forms. Why do you need to do this? First, it is required by US law. Failure to submit the necessary federal tax forms may cause difficulties when you return to your home country and renew your visa to return to the US. Second, you may be asked to produce copies of tax forms if you apply to change your visa status (such as to an H-1B "work visa") in the future. And finally, you may be eligible for a refund if you received US-source income.

Were you present in the US at any time during the 2015 calendar year?

If no, then you do not need to submit any tax forms.

If yes, please continue.

Did you receive any US-source income during 2015?

"US-source income" refers to income you earned by working in the US or scholarships you received from a US organization. (A scholarship from your home country is not considered "US-source" income.)

If no, then follow the instructions in the section called "If you did not receive any US-source income" below.

If yes, then follow the instructions in the section called "If you received income from US sources" below.

If you did not receive any US-source income:

If you did not receive any US-source income from work or scholarships covering more than the amount of your tuition and books last year, you are required to file only Form 8843. Download Form 8843 here or pick up a copy at the International Student Services office.

Part I

#1a: Enter the type of visa (F or J) that you used to enter the US and the date you entered the US.

#1b: Your current nonimmigrant status should be the same as #1a unless you changed status while in the US. No date is required unless you changed your status.

#4a: Count the number of days you were physically present in the US in each of the last 3 calendar years.

#4b: This should be the same number that you entered in the first blank on #4a.

Part II

Leave blank.

Part III

#9: Enter: University of Hawaii at Hilo, 200 W. Kawili St., Hilo, HI 96720, (808) 932-7467

#10: Enter: Jim Mellon, University of Hawaii at Hilo, 200 W. Kawili St., Hilo, HI 96720, 808-932-7467

#11-14: Answer each question according to your individual situation.

Part IV and Part V

Leave blank.

Sign the bottom of page 2. Then make a copy for your records and mail it to the address in the instructions (see the section called "When and Where to File"):

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301-0215

Please note: If you already have a US social security number or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), you must write the number on Form 8843. However, if you do not have a social security number or ITIN, you do not need to apply for one if you have no US-source income. Please read this document for more detailed information. The deadline to send this form is June 15.

If you received income from US sources:

If you received income from US sources (such as from working in the US and/or from a scholarship totaling more than the amount of your tuition and books), you are required to file Form 1040NR-EZ or Form 1040NR and Form 8843. The deadline to send these forms is April 15.

Where can I get help with filling out these forms?

Glacier Tax Prep

The International Student Services office has a free online program called Glacier Tax Prep. It is like "Turbo-Tax" but it is designed specifically for international students. If you would like to use this program, please send an email message to requesting an access code. You will then receive a code to access the program along with instructions. Note: You do not need to use this program if you only need to submit Form 8843 (see above). Also, access codes will only be provided to 1) current UH Hilo international students, 2) UH Hilo international students who graduated within the past year, or 3) UH Hilo international students who are currently doing OPT or who completed OPT within the past year.

There are also certified volunteers at the County of Hawaii Office of Housing & Community Development (1990 Kinoole Street in Hilo) who may be able to assist you with preparing the tax forms at no cost. Call 808-464-9429 or 1-808-426-3858 for an appointment.

A final option is to pay for the services of a professional tax preparer or purchase tax preparation software (such as H & R Block).

Hawaii State Taxes

If you received income from Hawaii-based sources (such as from working in the State of Hawaii and/or from a scholarship totaling more than the amount of your tuiition and fees), then you should also fill out and submit Hawaii State tax forms. The form you shoud submit is the N-15 Form. You can download the form here (look for the N-15 form and click on it). Unfortunately, the free online Glacier Tax Prep program only works for US federal tax forms, and cannot be used for Hawaii State tax forms. So if you need assistance with completing the Hawaii State tax forms, you can take advantage of the free tax preparation sites listed above or pay for the services of a professional tax preparer or purchase tax preparation software, such as Sprintax. Be sure to keep copies of completed tax forms for your records. The deadline to send the Hawaii State tax forms is April 20.

Form 1098-T

Form 1098-T is a federal form which colleges and universities issue to report qualified tuition, scholarships and related expenses for students. The form is used to assist individuals with determining if they are eligible for certain tax credits. However, the University of Hawaii does not provide this form for non-resident alien students because non-resident aliens generally cannot claim these education tax credits. For more information on this form and education tax credits, please visit the UH Financial Management Office.

If you are an international student from a Compact of Free Association nation, you can access your Form 1098-T form in your MyUH account. After logging in, click on Tax Notification under Student Records on the left side of the page. Click on the Tax Notification link, enter the year, and then click "Submit." You may be eligible to claim education tax credits.

Students from Canada

If you are from Canada and need to get the Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate form completed by the University, please bring the form to the Registrar's Office (1st floor of the Student Services Center) and they will complete it for you. This Canada Revenue Agency form is used to certify eligibility for the tuition, education and textbook amounts of a student attending a university outside Canada.

Students from South Korea

If you are from South Korea and need an official tuition receipt for tax purposes, please submit a request via email to The UH Hilo Cashier's Office can send the document to your email account or they can send it via regular mail. In your email request, indicate whether you want the document sent to your email or to a mailing address.