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How To Apply

Fall 2017

Our online application is now available on the UH Hilo Kanohona Housing portal .

Students must logon to the portal using their / MyUH username and password. Students that have been accepted to UH Hilo or HawCC will be allowed to apply. You will need your student ID number available to complete the application.


On-Campus Housing
UH Hilo University Housing
200 W. K─üwili St.
Hilo, HI 96720-4091
Phone: (808) 932-7403
Fax: (808) 932-7402
Email: uhhhouse[at]

Important Deadline Information

  • Applications for the Fall semester will be accepted beginning January 2nd
  • Fall semester priority deadline for residents of the State of Hawai╩╗i is March 1st.
  • Applications for the Spring semester will be accepted beginning September 1st

Housing Services

The residence halls for students attending the University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo are a special part of the University community. Residence halls house students from all the islands of Hawai╩╗i along with students from the mainland and foreign countries. The UH Hilo University Housing Program is dedicated to providing you with an atmosphere that will give you a sense of belonging to the campus and help you quickly become a part of campus life.

The residence hall living experience will provide you with numerous personal and academic growth opportunities. All residence halls have trained staff to assist students with academic and personal development. They support and assist students in achieving the goals they have set for themselves and will help complement the academic education with exposure to cultural and social situations that enable students to develop and expand their"coping with life" skills.

General Terms Of Assignment

All campus-housing applicants must be accepted into classified programs of study at the University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo or Hawai╩╗i Community College before being eligible for housing placement. Note that UH Hilo provides housing for Hawai╩╗i CC students.

Residents must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours (undergraduate) or 6 credit hours (graduate) for the duration of their housing contract.

Hale Ikena Apartment Complex is available to students who have completed 30 college credit hours or are 21 years of age of older.

For first and second priority consideration, housing applications must be received at the University Housing designated deadlines (Please see "Important Deadline information" noted above)

The housing contract is not transferable; residents may not sublease their assigned space.

Hall requests are accommodated according to priority and order of receipt. Applicant preferences cannot be guaranteed. Applicants may elect to remove themselves from the assignment process if none of their choices are available.

Requests for specific roommates or rooms are given consideration but are not guaranteed. Roommate requests must be mutual and must have matching hall preferences.

Participation in the meal program is required for those living in the residence halls (Traditional and Suite Style).

University Housing reserves the right to reassign students as necessary.

Assignment Priorities

First Priority:

All Traditional freshmen who apply by the application priority deadline receive the highest housing priority. Traditional freshmen are defined as students who graduated from high school in the spring prior to enrolling at the university. This priority reflects the university's position that living in a residential community is highly beneficial for first-year undergraduate students.

Second Priority:

All students from rural Hawai╩╗i (Big Island) and the neighbor islands; Kaua╩╗i, L─üna╩╗i, Maui, Molokai, Ni╩╗ihau and O╩╗ahu living in the halls and apply by the application priority deadline. Rural areas include and extend outward from the towns of Volcano, P─ühoa and Laup─ühoehoe.

Third Priority:

All students from the Continental US and Foreign countries who apply by the application priority deadline.

Fourth Priority:

Residents living in the Hilo vicinity, including all areas within the boundaries of Volcano, P─ühoa, and Laup─ühoehoe who apply by the application priority deadline.

Special Living Arrangements

Students with Physical Disabilities

Two apartments at Hale ╩╗Ikena and several rooms at Hale Kehau are designed to meet the needs of students with physical disabilities who are capable of living independently. Applicants for these accommodations should indicate on their application the nature of their disability as it relates to the request for a housing accommodation and must apply by regular housing deadlines. Applicants must also contact the University Disabilities Service Office at (808) 932-7623; TTY (808) 932-7002 regarding their disability eligibility status. Efforts will be made to provide a suitable living arrangement based on disability need.

Married Students

Married students are permitted to reside in University Housing provided that at least one spouse per married couple is a full-time student who qualifies under the geographical area provisions of the BOR's applicable priority system, the other spouse being a full time or part-time student.

Special Dietary Needs

The Dining Hall offers a varied menu and is capable of creating a program to meet most special dietary needs of the residents. Residents should not assume that they will be exempt from the meal plan due to their dietary needs. Students with 30 credits or who are at least 21 years of age may choose to live at Hale 'Ikena.

Missing Students

If an individual has reason to believe that a student who resides on campus is missing, he/she should notify Campus Security (808) 974-7911, the Dean of Students (808) 932-7472, or the  University Housing Office (808) 932-7403.  In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act, the University will follow certain procedures to assist in locating missing persons who reside on campus. Please see the University's Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedures