Receiving Your Financial Aid

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A. Grants, Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

Federal, state and institutional grants, institutional scholarships and tuition waivers will be automatically credited to your account by the end of the add/drop period for each term.

B. Student Employment Program

The employment award requires you to work in an on-campus position in order to receive your award. Therefore, this award does not represent cash-in-hand at the beginning of the semester and cannot be used to pay registration and dormitory fees.

The Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) is funded by the federal and state governments and the Regular Student Employment Program (RSEP) is funded by the state government alone. These two programs provide funds for on-campus employment so that students may earn money to help meet college expenses. At UH Hilo, both of these Student Employment Programs (SEP’s) are administered by the Career Center.

Please refer to Career Center web page,, for full details on securing a Student Employment Program position.

You probably will not receive your first check until 8 weeks after the completion of your first payroll scan because the employment forms have to be forwarded to Honolulu for processing by the state payroll offices. After you receive your first check, you should be paid twice a month on a regular basis for actual hours worked.

Unearned portions of your employment award cannot be carried over to the next semester; nor can they be automatically converted to another type of financial aid. To obtain maximum benefit from your award, you should try to obtain an on-campus position as early in the semester as possible.

If you determine that you will not be able to use your work-study award, you may request that your award be converted to a Federal Stafford Loan, but such conversion is not guaranteed. The Financial Aid Office will review your request and make a determination on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to administering the Student Employment Program, the Career Center provides a variety of services to help you with your college and career development. These services include:

  • Off-campus job & internship listings
  • Help deciding on a major or career
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Workshops on "Job Search", "Resume Writing", & "Interviewing"
  • Fall & spring semester job fairs

For more information on the Student Employment Program or other career services, contact the Career Center in room 202A of the Campus Center, review our website at or call (808) 932-7777.

C. Loans

Federal Perkins Loan and the State Higher Educational Loan (SHEL) will be automatically credited to the student’s account after the promissory note has been signed and entrance counseling has been completed.

Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford/Unsubsidized Stafford/GradPLUS/Parent PLUS Loan funds received via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and will be credited to your student account. You will be notified when this transaction has occurred and you have 14 days to cancel all or any part of the loan.

D. Refunds

Funds received in excess of institutional charges will be refunded to you. You will receive a refund check at the mailing address currently on file with the university. To eliminate mailing time, you may request that the refund be sent directly to your bank account. You may sign up for eRefunds via the MyUH Portal accessed from You are strongly encouraged to participate in eRefunds.